Betsy Lewis

Palmyra, New York

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My name is Betsy Alderman Lewis and I am the owner of Betty Alderman Designs, a pattern company that has been in business since the 1980s. It was originally owned by my mom, Betty Alderman. When she passed away, I took ownership and with that I have also started designing my own quilt patterns and adding them to the Betty Alderman Designs pattern list. Please keep visiting to see more designs. Thanks so much for taking a look. --Betsy

Betsy Lewis's Pattern Store : Betty Alderman Designs

Umbrella Girls Quilt Pattern PDF


Teapot Collection Quilt Pattern PDF


Christmas Bubble Light Quilt Pattern PDF


Window Shopping Quilt Pattern PDF


Sunbonnet Snow Day


Hearts & Flowers No. 1 Redwork Pattern


Knitting Sunbonnet Sue Embroidery Patter