it took two

Athens - Greece

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R: Hi everyone, I'm Rosa! E: ... and I'm Emmy. Since I'm the elder sister, I'll start first presenting my younger sister's work. R: Fine! But I'll break in whenever I feel like it! E: Ok! One morning some time ago, Rosa woke up and felt inspired to make whimsical jewelry! Little by little she added different materials and created impressive combinations. R: Emmy loves to knit. Her technique is so good, that you can hardly tell it's a ... Read Full Bio »

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Silk lacy top


Fancy summer top


Easy summer top


Easy summer bolero


Goucci, the egg. Amigurumi egg pattern


Balloon Sweater in Lilac


Easter Bunny, Polly


Pong, the pig


Baroque dress


Jacket in black and white


Mac, the duck


White entrelac vest


Fancy Jacket in Dark Grey


Multicolor short cardigan


Jeronimo, the bunny


Sleeveless Sweater with vertical stripes