Hi there! I?m Johanna, I?m 24 years old living in Gothenburg, Sweden. At the moment I?m sharing a flat with my sister. It?s a bit crowded but we get along fine. She studies at university here in Gothenburg so we both are home a lot. She is so kind to be my model whenever I make a clothing pattern! When I was little my mom taught me to crochet and knit but at that time I got so bored I only finished a few rows. I moved to Italy when I was ... Read Full Bio »

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Easter Bunny of African Flowers


Crochet Pattern - Roger the snowman


African Flower Cow - Crochet Pattern


Amy the African Flower Snail


African Flower Bowl - Crochet Pattern


Crochet pattern - Maggie the Owl Pillow


Crochet Pattern - The Door Cat Lisa


Crochet Pattern - African Flower Bag


Granny Square Crochet Hook Pillow


Crochet Aurora the Seahorse Pattern


Tess the African Flower Butterfly Pillow


The African Flower Heart Pillow pattern


Mia The African Flower Dog Pillow


Christmas African Flower Santa Claus


Crochet Pattern - African Flower Hat


Frank the African Flower Chicken


Crochet Pattern - Owl Maggie and Dog Mia


Crochet Pattern - Owl and Butterfly


Crochet Pattern - Dog and Butterfly


Crochet Pattern - Santa and Hat


Crochet Pattern- Owl and Chicken/Rooster


Crochet pattern - Owl and Skulle


Crochet Pattern-Owl, Dog Chicken/Rooster


Crochet Pattern - Lucy the skull


Crochet Pattern- Owl Butterfly Dog Skull