Sandra Scholte

The Netherlands

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Hi, I'm Sandra and I'm a Dutch beading addict. I've been beading as long as I can remember, mostly with seedbeads. I love beadweaving and I design and create all kinds of jewelry, mostly with a classic look. I hope you will like my patterns and tutorials, and that I will hear from you again! Love, Sandra

Sandra Scholte's Pattern Store : Trinkets Beadwork

Necklace 'Blingy the Bat' - Beadwoven


Necklace 'Lady Sybil' - Beadwoven


Beadwoven Lace Ribbon Bracelet


Necklace 'Lady Violet' - Beadwoven


Beadwoven necklace 'Simply Irresistible'


Beadwoven Necklace 'Loveliness'


Beadweaving pattern 'Ankh'


Beadweaving pattern 'Kitty Cat'


Beadwoven bracelet 'Sweet Seduction'


Beadwoven necklace 'Cube Collar'


Beadwoven Choker Necklace 'Grande Dame'


Beadwoven necklace 'Sagitta'


Beadwoven pendant 'Wishing on a Star'


Necklace 'Passion Play' - Beadweaving


Christmas Bow earrings


Necklace 'Sahara Sunset' - Beadweaving


Beadwoven bracelet 'To The Nines'


Necklace 'Tila Wave'


Beadwoven 'Amarna' Collar necklace


Necklace 'Frozen Snow' - Beadwoven


Necklace 'Lady Mary' - Beadwoven


Beadwoven necklace 'Classico'


Beadwoven bracelet 'Victoriana'


Necklace 'Josephine' - Beadwoven


Necklace 'Laguna' - beadwoven


Beadwoven necklace 'To The Point'