Copar Aingeal

Bellevue, WA USA

I've been tweaking found objects for as long as I can remember. I remember once when I was six I made a pretty necklace out of knotted grass and flowers. I spent what felt like days on it. I also remember crying for what felt like days when it dried up and fell apart. Since then I've been looking for the right medium for me. I've tried paint.. string.. yarn.. pencil.. silver.. and even a tattoo machine for awhile. In all of that searching I ... Read Full Bio »

Copar Aingeal's Pattern Store: Copar Aingeal

Temporal Vessel Cabochon Pendant


Captured Sunburst Cabochon Pendant


Simple Wire Wrapped Heart Ring


Dragon Eye Ring with Caterpillar Coils


Touch of Spring Cuff Bracelet


Garden Gate Ring


Imp Eye Ring


Wire Wrapped Rosary