At a young age, I became bored one day, I dug into my mom's "yarn supplies", and a crochet monster was born! As well as crocheting, I am also well educated in Fashion Design, including pattern drafting, sewing techniques, textiles, and garment printing. I have a deep love for historic fashion... the vintage designs from the 1930's, 40's, and 50's eras, along with the retro 60's and 70's. The early patterns were so intricate and precise ... Read Full Bio »

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Quick Cat Masquerade Mask


Peace Motif


Yin and Yang Yoga Socks


Peacock Lace Masquerade Mask


Skull of Summer Barefoot Sandals


Oh Canada Barefoot Sandals


Star Spangled Barefoot Sandals


Yin - Yang Barefoot Sandals


Universal Shell Bottoms


Worsted Socks, Uninterrupted


The Book of Masquerade Crochet


Butterfly Lace Crochet Masquerade Mask


Phoenix Bird Lace Crochet Masquerade Mas