Sew Well Maide

Melbourne , Victoria, Australia

Hi. I am Karen Pior and Sew Well Maide is where I wear my business hat. I also have other hats - Mother to five, Wife to one (!!!), Sister, Daughter, Friend. My hats are interchangable or, as frequently happens, worn precariously stacked on top of each other!! I am passionate about all things fabric and textile. I love drafting my own patterns and then sewing beautiful, unique and individual garments from them. This has become my latest ... Read Full Bio »


Sew Well Maide's Wishlist: Patterns

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SouthPaw by Dana Gervais


Golden by The Next Beautiful Thing


Confetti Socks by Eskimimi


Cousteau Socks by Verybusymonkey Designs


Waffle Stitch Socks by Knitty Witty Nilza


Pisaq by MediaPeruana Designs


Keeper of the Flocks by that bald guy knits


Kimono Styled Sweater by Rope Knits


Rivulet by Knitgrrl


Nadira Shawl by Design by Dee


Portland Plaid Bag by Lavender Hill Knits


Ice by BernioliesDesigns