I can't remember exactly when I learned to knit. It might have been about the same time that I took a frame loom weaving class when I was 18. Then I took a floor loom weaving class, and like most of my endeavors, I dabbled. Then went on to something else. My most concentrated knitting time was during my marriage to my late husband Michael. He was my biggest supporter, and ironically I never knit anything for him. My passion for knitting ... Read Full Bio »


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Puppy Dog by Huggable Bears


Foxy & Wolfie Hat by KatyTricot


sapphire shawl by sapphire shawl


Elizabeth Shawl by Design by Dee


Holbrook Shawl by Design by Dee


Nadira Shawl by Design by Dee


Pookies by Barbara Prime's Fuzzy Mitten


Newborn Caps - Baby Hats by JeanieK


Urban Wrap by neoknits


Glam Shells by Maiden Brooklyn


Labrador Dog Knitting Pattern by Mamma4earth