I needed something to stop me from going utterly BONKERS after my beautiful babies took over the house. Mucking around with beads and bits of wire was that thing.


Penelly's Wishlist: Patterns

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Figaro Catena Beaded Lace by StaceyLee


Echo of Deco Beaded Lace Bracelet by StaceyLee


Hexa Bracelet by DiasTutorialShop


Indian Dream Crystal Bracelet by Romina Designs


Night Owls Bracelet by Owl Tree Designs


LUV BUS (VW Bus) Square by KFoxysCreations


Slipperywitch Necklace by Krestias Kreations


Pearly Petals Necklace by Designs by ZaneyMay


Messenger Bag by Walter + Veronica


Owl Tote'em by The Hat & I


Climbing Vine Bracelet by Le Spirit