Princeton Real Value Brush Sets LH White Taklon 5pc (9155)


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Featuring five high-quality, long-handled brushes, this set is essential for easel work. You’ll receive Round brushes 1 and 6, which are excellent, all-purpose brushes for detail, outlining and calligraphy work. You’ll also receive a Bright 6 brush for controlled detail work and short, crisp paint strokes, a Filbert 8 for edges and tight areas, and a Flat 12 for broad sweeping strokes. Featuring synthetic bristles, these brushes are ideal for acrylic work and will retain their stiffness when used with other water-based media.

Princeton Real Value Brush Sets LH White Taklon 5pc (9155)

  • Each kit includes 5 long handled synthetic White Taklon Brushes from Princeton:
    • Round 1
    • Round 6
    • Bright 6
    • Filbert 8
    • Flat 12

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