Robert Kaufman Fusions Meadow Pre-Cuts

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Delightfully simple, the Fusions Meadow collection is the ideal choice to add color and life to your home decor. You'll love how these marbled solids come together to create a work of art that is sure to impress for years to come. Make an an impressive wall hanging or a beautiful accent throw with Fusions Meadow today!

Robert Kaufman Fusions Meadow Pre-Cuts

Collection: Fusions Meadow


  • Charm Pack: 42 pieces in 5" x 5" cuts
  • Fat Quarter: 40 pieces in 18" x 22" cuts
  • Roll Up: 40 pieces in 2.5" x 44" cuts

Designed by: RK Studios

100% Cotton Fabric

Craftsy does not recommended pre-washing your pre-cuts


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