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Clover Plastic Seam Ripper

Clover Plastic Seam Ripper - None

Cut through any seam with ease with the Clover Plastic Seam Ripper! This strong, sharp cutter helps you quickly rip seams and baste threads, and can also be used to cut threads under buttons, beads and other embellishments. Undo mistakes and get a fresh start with the Clover Seam Ripper!

Clover Plastic Seam Ripper

  • Includes: 1 Clover plastic seam ripper

  • Materials: Stainless steel and plastic handle

  • Ideal for: Correcting seams on project seams, baste threads, cut thread under buttons.
  • Other Features:

  • Clip opens wide to hold several layers of fabric or whatever you need to keep in place.

  • Bottom plate of the clip features seam allowance markings and slides easily on the sewing machine deck.
  • Rounded nose allows the foot of your machine to ride along the front for neat stitching.