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Classic Self-Portrait: Gamblin Artist's Colors Kit

Classic Self-Portrait: Gamblin Artist's Colors Kit - None

Delve into the relationships between shapes, objects and hues that you see in the mirror without struggling to recreate the scene in front of you with each new session. Learn how to see your palette -- and yourself -- with new eyes as you plunge into one of the most timeless and classic forms of artistic expression. Artist and representational oil painter Kerry Dunn will guide you through these lessons with a Course Kit from Gamblin Artist's Colors.

Gamblin is known for their dedication to quality oil colors and safe studio environments for artists. Their collection of non-toxic, linseed oil based paints and lead-free mediums provide quality pigments suitable for any studio allowing the artists to focus solely on their work, creating brilliant art from amazing colors.

CLICK HERE for a preview or to enroll in The Classic Self-Portrait with Kerry Dunn!

Gamblin Artist's Colors Course Kit as featured in Classic Self-Portraits with Kerry Dunn.

Each kit includes 8 Oil Colors in 37ml Tubes:

  • 1020 Alizeron Crimson
  • 1060 Burnt Sienna
  • 1170 Cadmium Yellow Light
  • 1180 Cadmium Yellow Medium
  • 1475 Napthol Scarlet
  • 1810 Titanium White<
  • 1700 Ultramarine Blue
  • 1740 Viridian