2014 Block of the Month: 5 1/2 yds Backing

2014 Block of the Month: 5 1/2 yds Backing - None

Add color to the back of your vibrant sampler quilt with this 2014 Block of the Month backing fabric! Join quilting instructors Amy Walsh and Janine Burke, and say goodbye to color confusion!

In the course that goes with this kit, you'll start with color theory basics, before discovering accessible techniques for combining colors. Create a soothing, low-contrast look with analogous colors, or an energetic, high-contrast effect using complementary colors. Add emotion to your designs with warm and cool colors, make your piecing pop with hexadic color schemes, and create mellow or powerful contrast with value. Along the way, this kit will help you make six different blocks that become a vivid, modern quilt.

Craftsy Block of the Month 2014: 5 1/2 yds Backing


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