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Soak Wash
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Blocking Handknits: Soak Phil Basin Kit

Blocking Handknits: Soak Phil Basin Kit - None

In Blocking Handknits with Kate Atherley, students learn the best techniques and benefits to blocking. Kate demystifies the process, providing time saving tips and tricks to make blocking and pinning a simple and effective endeavor. This same Soak Phil Wash Basin Kit featured in Blocking Handknits offers everything you need to launder your blocked and knitted creations, keep them fresh, clean, and full of life!
A laundering and soaking solution for all of your delicate creations. The Phil Basin Kit from Soak Wash contains a flexible basin for washing, soaking, or dying and gentle wash soap for your hand wash needs. Includes a 4 pack sample of Aquae, Celebration, Scentless, and Lacey fragrances as well as a 12oz bottle of the Lacey fragrance. Easily hand launder your beautiful garments and accessories with this Soak Wash Kit.

Blocking Handknits: Soak Phil Basin Kit

Please note: This is a course kit for Blocking Handknits with Kate Atherley. For a preview or to purchase CLICK HERE.


  • 1 Phil Wash Basin: Light and flexible basin for washing, soaking, and dying materials.
  • Measures 6.5" tall x 16" diameter with a beveled edge for easy pouring.
  • Lacey Soak Wash 12oz Bottle: Gentle wash soap with a modern, feminine fragrance for soak washing delicate materials.
  • 4 Minisoak Packs: Single use 5ml packs for hand laundering convenience while traveling or on the go. Contains one of each fragrance in Aquae, Celebration, Scentless, and Lacey.