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Acrylic Landscape Painting: Golden Acrylics Course Kit

Acrylic Landscape Painting: Golden Acrylics Course Kit - None

Acrylic Landscape Painting instructed by Bennett Vadnais will give students a solid understanding of traditional painting techniques as they apply to acrylic media and landscape themes. Vadnais will provide a quick overview of the essential tools and supplies and then advance through a series of narrated demonstrations that will stage the creation of a finished landscape. Golden Artist Colors acrylic paints and mediums were personally selected by Vadnais to be used in Acrylic Landscape Painting to provide the color and texture necessary to create a mesmerizing landscape!

CLICK HERE for a preview or to enroll in Acrylic Landscape Painting with Bennett Vadnais!

Complete Golden Artists Colors Course Kit as featured in Acrylic Landscape Painting with Bennett Vadnais.

Each kit includes 6 Heavy Body Acrylic paints, 6 Fluid Acrylic paints, and a Multipurpose Medium

Heavy Body Acrylics (2 oz.):

  • 1380 Titanium White
  • 1305 Quinacridone Magenta
  • 1400 Ultramarine Blue
  • 1407 Yellow Ochre
  • 1020 Burnt Sienna
  • 1010 Bone Black

Fluid Acrylics (1 oz):

  • 2407 Yellow Ochre
  • 2020 Burnt Sienna
  • 2400 Ultramarine Blue
  • 2035 Burnt Umber Light
  • 2147 Diarylide Yellow
  • 2279 Pyrrole Red Light


  • GAC-100 Multipurpose Acrylic Polymer (8 oz.)