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Fundamental Patterns

Begin a new sewing project today with hundreds of beautiful basic sewing patterns from top independent designers around the world.

No Guts Boxie Pouch


Fundamental Sewing Videos

Brush up on the basics with FREE in-depth articles & video on buying the right sewing machine for you, keeping your sewing room organized for maximum efficiency, and beyond from expert sewists.

Winding a bobbin for sewing success

Wind away merrily! Learn how to wind a bobbin with informative step-by-step guidance in this video.

Discover how to use a zipper foot for the best results.

Insert perfect zippers every time! Learn how to use a zipper foot for amazing results with a variety of methods in this FREE video clip.

Are you correctly threading your bobbin?

Learn how to thread a bobbin properly, for success with your next sewing project. Avoid frustration, with these quick and easy steps.

Fundamental Sewing Classes

Whether you are just starting out or need a refresh on the basics, our online fundamental sewing classes are perfect to help you create chic skirts, reversible totes and more, with guidance from the best instructors in the world.

40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know

Gail Yellen


Learn to read between the lines of any sewing pattern as instructor Gail Yellen teaches you 40 essential techniques that every sewer should ... See more

Student Projects from this class

Finished Garment 1

Finished Garment 1

by Gail Yellen

Finished Garment III

Finished Garment III

by Gail Yellen

Goodship Dress

Goodship Dress

by Sew Spirited

Learn How To Finish a Seam Perfectly by Brett Bara
Skirts by Brett Bara
Pineapple Rings Skirt by Lumpyjumperlady

Sew Ready: Garment Basics

Brett Bara


Customize and sew your first garment — a chic pencil skirt — and gain the skills to make even more wardrobe essentials you'll love to wear!

My first project! by DrCassie2k7
the love bite by gdub
Christmas Pillows by Dvandie

Sewing Studio

Diana Rupp


Sewing Studio

Diana Rupp

Get to know your machine and the basics of pinning, stitching, pressing and finishing as you make a pillow and a pencil skirt.

Fundamental Sewing Projects

See the home décor, garments, and accessories other students are creating to jump start your inspiration. Then, share your latest sewing projects for instant feedback.

Beginner Wallet Pattern

by Berry Birdy


by KDelaCruz

Beginners Success!

by 3marcoman5259082