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Accessory Sewing Classes

Enhance your accessories with professional sewing techniques taught by the world's best instructors. Add style to with fashionable leather bags you made yourself!

Making Leather Bags

Don Morin



Don't spend hundreds on a handbag when you can make one on your sewing machine. Customize and sew boutique-quality leather handbags with ... See more

Student Projects from this class

Leather Bag

Leather Bag

by strickmich

Big Leather Bag

Big Leather Bag

by strickmich

blue jean handbag by Metzy
Diaper Bag for baby shower by maribridg560966
Chevron Bag by Sew Spirited

Design Your Own Handbag

Brett Bara


Design and sew your very own high-fashion handbag in this class taught by author, designer and television host Brett Bara.

My first project! by DrCassie2k7
the love bite by gdub
Envelope pillow by Plynn

Sewing Studio

Diana Rupp


Sewing Studio

Diana Rupp

Get to know your machine and the basics of pinning, stitching, pressing and finishing as you make a pillow and a pencil skirt.

Accessory Sewing Patterns

Enjoy sewing patterns from the best independent designers in the world. Sew hip handbags, clutches, and headbands.

Travel Duffel Pattern


Sewing Articles

Get advice directly from the experts with in-depth pieces covering critical skills, and how-to's for sewing accessories.

How To Sew By Hand

Enjoy this lovely tutorial featuring 7 basic stitches for sewing by hand.

Tips for Buying a Sewing Machine

Consider these key elements when buying a sewing machine. From features to price, learn how to ask the right questions.

Fashion Sewing Blogs

Whether you're seeking new patterns, inspiration, tips and tricks, or pattern reviews, these sewing blogs are a great place to find them all!

Accessory Sewing Projects

See what other Craftsy members are creating to spruce up their outfits. These accessories will jumpstart your creative juices.

Zippered pouch

by Emmysews

Cat Card Holders

by ShineKidsCrafts

Accessory Sewing Blog Posts

With step-by-step tutorials from experts, you can learn how to sew a stylish purse, piping for pillows, and more. Plus, catch free patterns and giveaways!

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