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Okay Needs editing  September 26, 2016


I gave up looking for the actual information in this class. The instructor seems lovely but I didn't want to know about her, just how to sew with knit fabrics. I wish all of the chattiness was contained to the beginning so that an actual class of what to do was separate for those of us that just want to sew.

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Excellent Very informative and useful  September 22, 2016


This was a great intro to sewing with knits. It answered a lot of my questions, and I really appreciated that the instructor spent some time on what resources were useful vs not so much, and what to do if you don't have certain things (like a walking presser foot). I also really appreciate the bonus lesson on dyeing.

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Average Okay For A Beginner  August 22, 2016


Getting free patterns was a real plus for this class. Meg offers good basic information and is pleasant, but there's a little too much dialog for me.

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Excellent Great Patterns and Knit Tips  August 7, 2016


As a result of this class I made a dress, a hoodie, a shirt, some shorts, and even my first perfect t-shirt. I have been sewing for many years and knits are my favorite medium.
Even though I use my serger a lot, Meg shows you how to sew knits using only a basic sewing machine. Her techniques are helpful for the hems and neckbands using a double needle.
I am very glad I overlooked the negative reviews and took this class. Some people seem put off by her teaching style, and you ...

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Okay A class for Beginners  July 3, 2016


IF you don't know how to sew already, if you're unsure and a bit anxious about the proper ways to execute even the most elementary dressmaking maneuver (inserting pins for example) you will appreciate the warm, friendly and encouraging style of instruction. But if you've been sewing for even a moderate amount of time (and I've been sewing since Meg's mother was in high school I'm guessing), you might find yourself wishing you'd picked another class.

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Excellent Excellent class  June 28, 2016


This class debunked the myth that sewing knits is difficult. Meg gives a wealth of knowledge about knit fabrics and various methods of sewing knits that any home sewing machine can tackle. The patterns are useful staples in most wardrobes and they allow for customizing to suit a variety of body types. Meg explains how to use Swedish tracing paper, Stretch needles, double needles, a walking foot, clear elastic, tricot hemming tape, and various stitch types. She also explains how to sew knit ...

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Okay The Word Um Is Over Used By The Instructor To The Point Of Distraction  June 20, 2016


She may have good information but she says "um" a lot ��

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Average These patterns are for ladies  June 15, 2016


Directly after downloading the hoodie pattern I was wearing it inside of 2 hours.
Then I watched the video! lol
My size isn't in any of these patterns, so if the garments are intended for a guy, they won't work.

I went ahead and made the largest size in the hoodie pattern, and of course forgot to think that these sizes are womens.

The paper pattern pieces went together okay, fabric was cut out quickly. All of it pretty straight forward.

One thing I ...

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Excellent Great Class!  June 9, 2016

Donna Nave Smith

I have really enjoyed this class and have learned a lot. This class is a big bang for your buck with so many patterns and instruction for each of them. Meg is a very detailed and thorough instructor and a sweetheart. I would highly recommend it.

The negative reviews are beyond me. If you don't like this class, simply return it or exchange it instead of complaining and giving a negative review. Some classes are not for everyone. I have exchanged a few classes that wasn't for me but I ...

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Good Pretty Good  May 25, 2016


Fairly clear and concise; lessons are easy. Good class!

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Good Good Info On Choosing Knit Fabric  April 25, 2016


Really enjoying her approach. She is thorough and friendly and easy to understand.

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Okay Well...  April 18, 2016


I haven't finished this class yet. To be quite honest, I bought it several years ago but didn't make it past the long, long, LONG intro Meg gave. Then in the second lesson, I skipped some to get to the information. Now I am attempting to watch the third lesson and thinking it will take me all day. Meg is as cute as she can be, and I am certain she knows her stuff, but she isn't the most... dynamic or organized teacher I have ever seen. I am so sorry, too. I would like to learn how to sew ...

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Excellent Learned so much!  April 10, 2016


I bought this class years ago and was so intimidated to try it. It was slow at first, but I appreciated the information.

I finally launched into the class and was amazed at how many tips Meg gives. I took this to learn to sew with knits and that's exactly what I did. I know feel confident to sew other knit patterns and I know I will refer back this class over and over.

I actually took some private lessons with a local sewing instructor and did not learn any of the things ...

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Good My first sewing class in knits  April 10, 2016


I really learned a lot about knit sewing and am glad I took the class. I was disappointed that the size chart doesn't give measurements. I made the hoodie in the size I normally buy and it is too tight in the chest. I should have measured the pattern against shirts that fit before I started. I would also like to know if there is a way to modify the pattern to take out the flair at the bottom or if there is another pattern that doesn't have a flair.

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Excellent Don't Listen To Negative Reviews  April 8, 2016

Katie Doeden

I was hesitant to buy this class because of some negative reviews, but decided to go for it. It has been one of the most useful classes I have ever bought on Craftsy. It is an excellent value. I have sewn 3 of the patterns and have received numerous compliments, especially on the dress. I used to think I couldn't sew knits, but now I make knit garments almost exclusively, thanks to this class. I would recommend buying it just for the patterns if the instructor bothers you. Since I'm not too ...

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Good Not Terribly Exciting But Slowly Getting The Hang Of It  March 11, 2016

Omoye Uduehi

It is hard to watch and I'm not exactly sure this will change but she has a good manner and this helps.

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Poor DISAPPOINTED  March 8, 2016


I have purchased more than thirty Craftsy classes as of now and cannot say how much this platform has changed my life. I LOVE CRAFTSY!!! But while I really had high hopes for this class, it seems to take forever to get to the really informative elements. I enjoy the sweet nature of the instructor but I honestly gave up on the class. This is the first negative review I've ever posted on Craftsy �� I'm sure it is full of great information (based on reviews I read before purchasing) ...

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Excellent Awesome for newbies  February 20, 2016


What a great class!! Meg was awesome!! I really appreciated her teaching style! I am brand new at sewing knits and I felt like she was very thorough, which was exactly what I needed. I am a bit of a perfectionist and want to know every single detail about how to do something. So if a teacher breezes through too quickly, I often get lost. And then I become confused and overwhelmed.

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Excellent Sewing With Knits: Five Wardrobe Essentials  February 16, 2016


Absolutely loved this class! She taught it well and made it very easy to understand, I hope she teaches more classes. I am going to definitely make some clothes after not wanting to after all these years!

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Good Hadn't Sewn Knits in Thirty Years  January 21, 2016

Hobo Soup

I got a lot of useful information from this class --techniques I really wish I had learned thirty years ago. If I had, I probably wouldn't have stopped sewing with knits.

Yes, the instructor's delivery is a little nervous at times, but I didn't buy the class to learn how to make a video presentation, I bought it to become a better sewer, and for that I got my money's worth. Since watching the segments I have made four adorable knit garments using a 39 year old Kenmore sewing ...

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Good Great class!  January 10, 2016


I have really loved this class! The patterns are great and instruction is clear. I see myself looking back again and again to make more of these pieces!

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Excellent A huge Surprise!  December 20, 2015

Laura De Maine

Even with the negative reviews I had read, I decided to buy this on the bases I was longing to sew with knits and didn't have a serger!
I am thrilled at how much I learnt, and am so happy with my shirt I made. I understand knits in a way I never did before. My mother who was a seamstress for years even freared knits.
I know a lot of people found the talking a bit annoying, I found it rather endearing, like I was a friend she was talking to.
Thank you

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Excellent Excellent value for money  December 10, 2015


I simply adores this instructor. She is not rushed, and tells you to skip the extra information if you are not interested in it. I set the speed of the class at 1.5, making things a bit faster, which was just right for me. The downloadable patterns alone makes this class a bargain. After watching this class, I made my first V neck T-shirt, something I avoided for years! Thank you Meg.

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Good Great class, lots of very usefull information... but...  December 3, 2015


I really learn a lot from this class, so I'm glad that I spent the money on this, but I have to admit that the amount of "uhmmm" being spoken is driving me nuts... I really wish the teacher wasn't saying "uhmm" as much as she does... In spite of this I'm still glad that I purchased this class, since I really learn a lot from waching this... but I really wish they would have toned down the amount of "uhmmm"... it gets quite annoying at times...

I think ...

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Okay Instructor needs more polish  December 2, 2015


I didn't feel this class lived up to the high caliber I have seen on other craftsy classes. The instructor came across as very uncomfortable on camera. There was also quite a lot of a fluff at the beginning, such as the history of knits, that I felt was added just to get the length of the class up.

On the hoodie pattern, several people commented years ago that there are discrepancies in the fabric requirements, and they still have yet to be corrected. I bought the suggested 3 yards ...

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Excellent Very good all around class on sewing with knits  November 15, 2015


Overall I am very happy with this class. At first, Meg seemed a little nervous and I was thinking 'Oh Boy' but by the time the actual sewing lessons started I was hooked.

I found Meg to be an excellent instructor. She knows her stuff and she was able to pass on that knowledge to me as the viewer. I had several Ah-Ha moments while watching the lessons and I like her friendly style of sharing information with me.

I made the scoop neck T-shirt following her expert ...

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Poor Disappointed  November 13, 2015


This is the worst class I have taken on Craftsy. Too much unnecessary small talk with minimal useful information, very boring, too many "ummms". Wouldn't recommend. Would like my money back

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Poor Disappointed  November 13, 2015


This is the worst class I have taken on Craftsy. Too much unnecessary small talk with minimal useful information, very boring, too many "ummms". Wouldn't recommend. Would like my money back

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Excellent   October 30, 2015


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Good Very Happy  October 24, 2015

Paula Beron

At the beginning a little bit slow, once you get to the hoodie, it picks up, and becomes a great, wonderful, class, and I´m enjoying it a lot, Thank You for the class!!!! I´m excited to begin sewing with knits.

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Excellent Love it!  October 15, 2015


Starts slow with lesson 1 but picks up when you start the hoodie with great technique tips and super patterns! (I consider myself an intermediate woven fabric sewist but a beginner on knits.)

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Poor DISAPPOINTED  October 10, 2015


Tried to watch the video but it took too long to load.

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Poor I could not watch it after 5 minutes...  October 8, 2015


I tried to skip through to other sections and it was too basic and slow.

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Excellent Sewing with Knits - I love it! Meg is so sweet  September 29, 2015


I have never sewn with knits, and I am a pretty beginning sewer in general. I was able to make the t-shirt and dress as well as a few knit patterns I have in my stash due to Meg's excellent instructions. I even ventured into tissue weight knit for the short pattern she gives us (for PJ's). I love her teaching style and she is so sweet. I hope she teaches more classes, this was worth every penny.

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Good Great introduction to sewing knits  September 27, 2015


I love this class. I have watched the entire selection of videos and find the information very useful. I am a beginner (sewing now for 18 mos.) and taking this class is my first attempt at sewing knits. I have made several scoop neck t-shirts. I plan to make all of the items shown in the class. When you watch the videos take notes because the written pattern instructions are brief--if you are experienced you could probably sew up the patterns without instructions. I took this class to have the ...

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Excellent Fantastic class  August 31, 2015


This class was exceptional. I almost didn't buy the class bc of the "um.." Comments I saw on a couple reviews BUT seriously it's only mainly in the introduction. She's going over so much in the beginning with the different kind of knits and what's good for using each. Seriously after watching this class it almost frustrated me bc of how sweet she is! And honestly she's right there walking with you through the classes! Always responded to my couple questions I posted. I would rather ...

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Excellent Wonderful.  August 29, 2015


Meg is a wonderful teacher. I have been sewing for over fifty years but have always been afraid of knits. Meg gives detailed instructions and great tips. As a teacher, I value her excellent teaching methods. I have completed my first t shirt and it was a success. I'm off to my next project. Thank you, Meg!

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Excellent Love this class!!!  August 24, 2015

Vera Sanon

I am a knitwear pattern designer and love all things handmade! I used to sew a lot, but hadn't for the last 15 years because I love to wear t-shirts and knit-jersey type dresses and skirts. I never had the bravery to sew knits. I just sewed regular fabrics. This class gave me the bravery and skills needed to sew knitted stretch fabrics. Thank you so much for offering this class! :-)

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Excellent Not Sure Why Others Complain  August 19, 2015


This class has tons of info. It may be better suited for beginners, like me. I learned a lot. I went through the entire class many months ago and have made all the clothes. I appreciated all the info she shares, I don't mind the "ums" and it was a good start for me to learn to sew clothes. You could just skip over her intro, if it doesn't interest you.

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Poor Not What I Expected  August 1, 2015


Don't like the class, I 'm sorry the teacher talked too much nothing but the actual project. From reading other comments the pattern fabric is not correct.

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Okay A Tad To Slow For Me  July 11, 2015


Meg seems to be a very sweet person but I find her teaching style to be to wordy and slow. She gives a tremendous amount of information but in way that would be more beneficial if I were sitting across from her and could be included in the exchange. I have tried to get through the lessons but I find that I am literally falling asleep.

I realize that everyone learns at their own unique pace and we come to the Craftsy classes with different skill sets and expectations. This class ...

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Poor I would like a refund, please!  July 6, 2015

Barb Nicoll

I have forced myself to trudge through half of this class and I just can not listen to another moment of it. I have been sewing for about 45 years but I felt a new course on knits would benefit me. I feel like I am being spoken to like a kindergarten student. I am sure Meg is a very nice person, but I think she has been talking to pre-schoolers too long. I also question some of her methods.

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Poor money back  July 6, 2015


I am not thrilled with this class and would like my money back to try another class. There is too much non-essential information. too many uhmmms etc... I think she is a sweet person but needs to rework this to keep my attention

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Poor Disappointed  July 4, 2015


I have taken several Craftsy classes and enjoyed them but this is not one of them. I have tried to listen to the teacher but she talks way too slow and the content is littered with unnecessary information that one has to wade thru to get to the meat of the class.

Unfortunately I regret spending my money on this class.

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Poor how do I get my money back  July 1, 2015

Iris Hasis

I have listened to this lady for over 20 minutes and haven't heard anything helpful yet. The ums are very irritating after hearing them the first hundred times. If this is representative of the classes you offer, I'm not interested in purchasing any others.
and, I'm agree!!!!!!

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Excellent Good Class  June 27, 2015


To be honest I need a little hand holding while sewing. For instance, I'm uncomfortable with the pdf patterns in general and Meg touched on that. I'm a beginner and self taught (thanks to Craftsy) and I can't wait to start one of her projects. I'm learning a lot and it's nice to know there are some earth mothers out there in the world. I hope to see Meg in more classes on Craftsy and I'm sure she will teach like no ones business!

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Okay Not Thrilled  May 31, 2015


I have always used a serger to sew knits, but I think it is always good to add new skills, and I thought this class might provide some good tips on seaming and finishing knits on a conventional machine. Her methods are untidy in my opinion. They do not mesh with my approach. I want things on the inside to be nice. I don't leave unfinished edges in my garments, but she does. The class was so slow getting going. There is a lot of chatter about things that are not important. I don't mind an ...

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Average Good Content but Long and Slow Delivery  May 29, 2015


I have sewn with woven fabrics for years but was never happy with how knits looked when I tried to sew them. I purchased this class because there were 5 looks that I thought would work in my wardrobe and be easy enough to modify and fit (which is true).

While I learned a lot on how to sew knits, I really wasn't happy with this class. I am giving it 3 stars because I found that the patterns alone are worth the money I paid and her tips were very helpful in learning to sew knits.

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Good Great Classic   May 27, 2015

Peggy Creevan

I like this class very much. Thanks

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Good Very Helpful Class  May 22, 2015


Instructor obviously knows what she's teaching. Haven't started sewing yet but love the class and the fellow students' project photos.

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Excellent Happy with results!  May 18, 2015


I've tried sewing with knits in the past and been extremely frustrated by poor results. But after following Meg's instructions, full of helpful tips, techniques, and proper tools, I felt so much more prepared and was able to successfully sew together the scoop neck tee. Her calm demeanor helped alleviate my anxiety and apprehension about trying knits again. She taught me to be much more Zen about it, so even if there are hiccups, I'll know it'll all be OK :)

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Poor First and last class for me  May 16, 2015


I have listened to this lady for over 20 minutes and haven't heard anything helpful yet. The ums are very irritating after hearing them the first hundred times. If this is representative of the classes you offer, I'm not interested in purchasing any others.

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Excellent Good information  May 15, 2015


I found this class informative and engaging. It was very information dense and I had to watch each lesson in several sittings.

This is the first time I've used the video note feature for more than just marking a place while I skip around. Specifically, the basic tools section is packed with notes.

The patterns included are clear although they do assume you can assemble a basic garment. The video segments discussing them refer back to previous sections in discussing ...

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Good So Far So Good  May 11, 2015


I'm in the Scotland, I cant wait to get started!

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Excellent Great Class!  May 10, 2015


This is My first time sewing with knits, this class has been very informativa and helpful. I've Done the hoodie so far, and I'm very happy with the result!

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Excellent Great Information  May 5, 2015


Wow. This has been really helpful so far. As an absolute beginner I learned a ton. Thank you.

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Excellent Great Class!! But Website should improve Clarity on skill level   May 4, 2015


I loved this class. I am the type of person who would rather have more information than less, because this person is taped, not in front of me to ask an immediate question (although she readily responds to posted ones! Kudos!). I have made two fleece hoodies so far to rave review, and intend to make one more, the shorts and the dress. REALLY good basic and thorough information about handling knits well in sewing. Patterns and instructions in written material could not be more clear. It is ...

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Good Good Value  May 1, 2015


Really good value with all the patterns you get, even if you don't like the slow presenting style. I found it easy to follow.

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Poor Could have been more concise  April 30, 2015


I wanted to like this class because I really wanted to learn what the content description suggested. The trouble is that its very hard to watch. The instructor seems lovely, but everything she says in 10 sentences could have been said in 1. There are lots of "ums" and it just seems painfully drawn out. I do watch Craftsy classes in the evening, but this is the only class I have ever fallen asleep watching (multiple times). It is dull and to be honest one of the worst Craftsy classes I ...

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Excellent Excellent Value and Teacher  April 24, 2015


This class is great. You get many patterns and the teaching really does cover all things for knits. I've sewn knits in the long past and really needed this refresher. I made many skirts so far and have been very pleased with the results. The yoga pants are great. My v-neck T turned out okay, but I really though I could have done better on my twin needle hemming. I made the hoodie out of organic fleece and it is my favorite piece of clothing to snuggle in right now. Even if you only take ...

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Excellent Loved this class!!   April 19, 2015


I learned so much from class. I am new to sewing with Knits and I was not disappointed at all. Yes, I read the reviews, but I found them to be a bit harsh. If you are new to sewing with knits and you want to learn, this class was well worth the money. I am ecstatic with the way my first project turned out and can't wait to hit the machine again today for my next project. I thought you were a wonderful teacher Meg McElwee. Thank you so much!!

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Average Good Class For Beginners  April 12, 2015


Disappointed! This class is for the absolute beginner sewers!

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Excellent Sewing Knits  April 10, 2015


Very well done. Excellent teacher for all levels of sewers.

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Excellent Very Informative   April 8, 2015


So much detail, awesome for beginner sewer.

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Excellent Lots Of Really Helpful Information  April 7, 2015


Meg has lots of knowledge to share, and she is very practical about using the equipment you have wherever possible.

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Average A Lot Of Talking  April 7, 2015


I am finding this class difficult to get into, because so far it has consisted of talking. Add to that I am not keen on the lecturer's style of talking. Hoping it will show some practical skills soon.

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Good Needed a bit of editing - but fun basic class with lots of patterns  April 4, 2015


I thought Meg was a lovely instructor. For those who complain about umms and slow pace, some of that should have been taken care of in editing.

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Excellent Great information!  April 4, 2015


Very informative so far - looking forward to seeing how the patterns and information come together

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Excellent Very Good For A Beginner  April 3, 2015


I'm self taught person making baby steps in sewing. This class helped me a lot. I'm able to sew with knits and I have so far sewn

4-5 tops

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Excellent Excellent class, i enjoyed the sewing patterns.  March 26, 2015


thank you.

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Good Meg Is Great!  March 25, 2015


Meg is great! I hope she will be teaching more classes in the future!

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Poor Annoying!  March 16, 2015


The instructor seemed distracted in her thoughts. Way too many Um Um Um ( where am I?) Sorry, so distracting and annoying that I can not watch it!!!!
It seemed like she didn't even think about what she was going to teach until the camera was rolling. Very disappointed in this class ;(

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Excellent I Love This Class!  March 9, 2015


Meg's completely taken away my fear of sewing with knits! I will have a try at the t-shirts and pants, and maybe the dress too. Definitely the hoodie!

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Excellent Enlightening   March 2, 2015


A good practical course! Really enjoying it!

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Excellent Wonderful Class, I've Learned So Much!!  February 25, 2015


I am an intermediate level sewist and I have wanted to learn the best way to sew with knits. Meg's tips are excellent and her manner is very comforting! It's like sewing with a good friend (a patient friend). I'm really enjoying the class and the way the patterns are coming together. The fit is excellent and the steps are easy to follow. Best advice so far was the suggestion to purchase a walking foot for my machine; this has made a significant difference in the ease of sewing knits. Thank ...

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Excellent Wonderful Class, I've Learned So Much!!  February 25, 2015


I am an intermediate level sewists and I have wanted to learn the best way to see with knits. Meg's tips are excellent and her manner is very comforting! It's like sewing with a good friend (a patient friend). I'm really enjoying the class and the way the patterns are coming together. The fit is excellent and the steps are easy to follow. Best advice so far was the idea of purchasing a walking foot for my machine; this has made a significant difference in the ease of sewing knits. Thank you, ...

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Excellent A Slow, Gentle Approach To Sewing Easy Clothing  February 21, 2015

The Cake Flake

I chose to buy the class because of the negative reviews. I'm very much a perfectionist, and it often gets in the way of finishing projects, i.e., "The perfect is the enemy of the good." I wanted to learn a less perfect, more "do your best" style of sewing.
Meg McElwee was a Montessori preschool teacher, and it shows. Her approach is very gentle, very "meet you where you're at," "do your best," and a very slow presenter. It isn't for everyone, but ...

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Excellent Love The Class   February 16, 2015


Enjoying the information. I'm looking forward to sewing more on knits. I'm so inspired now! I'm amazed at the amount of patterns included in the class. Thank you Meg.

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Good A Little Slow But...  February 15, 2015


I signed up for this class because I wanted to make the hoodie. And I did. And I love it so much that I'm making a second one. I haven't gone on to any of the other projects (although maybe I'll make some yoga pants) so I can't comment on those. I will say that this class moves verrrrrrry slowly. I didn't really notice all of the "ummmms" until I read someone's comment & then it kind of drove me crazy. But I think I do the same thing in public speaking so who am I? Meg seems very ...

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Excellent Sewing With knits. Meg McElwee  February 2, 2015


Learning a lot. Easy to follow. Meg is an excellent teacher. Putting the patterns together reminds me of playing with paperdolls

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Excellent The best compliment to the teacher is the ease I have learned in constructing the patterns.  February 2, 2015


I found this class to be totally worth your money. She does teach in a slow, sweet, manner but her methods are spot on. I felt like I was having a lesson with a close friend. The patterns for the shirts were so easy to make after following the tips given in the class. I have many of the patterns and I have the fabric to make the pants this week. I have made several of the shirts and have added some great embellishments to them. I feel so much more confident when working with the various ...

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Good Five Patterns included for you to try sewing knits for the first time!  January 31, 2015

Aunty Stitches

If we were able to review our schoolteachers how many of them would have got 5 stars?

I bought this course a year ago, and got as far as collecting the suggested equipment before giving up as I didn't want to make a Hoodie, and Meg's presentation... was rather boring. Sorry.

However, this year I decided to bite the bullet and try again. I successfully made a Surplice Dress and intend to try the yoga pants next.

I agree it is aimed at people who have never ...

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Excellent Wonderful Teacher  January 28, 2015


I loved this course! It is very informative and clear.


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Excellent For The Casual Beginner  January 26, 2015

Alyce Cannon

I repeat... This class is for the casual beginner. Meg is sweet and will hold your hand as you sew your first garments. It's slow, casual and NOT for those looking to sew like a professional. I loved this class. It was very accessible and easy going.

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Good Very Informative.   January 26, 2015


I am learning a lot about the knits. Very informative.

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Excellent Very useful  January 26, 2015


At first, I was a little disappointed, because the first 2 lessons are a little hard to listen to. Very interesting information, but the presentation is slow with a lot of pauses.
However, when it comes to projets, it gets much better. Very clear instructions, a lot of useful tips. I had no problem to sew my first t-shirt and I love it! Finaly I'm happy that I've taken this class!

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Good Knit Types  January 24, 2015


Excellent presentation. Very detailed info on various types of knit fabrics. Looking forward to the rest of the classes.

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Good Basic Intro To Knit Fabrics  January 17, 2015


Much useful information comparing fabrics, etc.

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Excellent Best Yoga Pants Ever!!  January 5, 2015

Joy in Georgia

I just completed my first yoga pants and have to say that they are the greatest! I'm now starting on the T-shirt with 3/4" sleeves.

I agree that there seems to be a lot of elementary details for us long time stitchers, I always glean something useful and interesting from all the Craftsy classes.

Thank you

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Average Lots Of Talking  December 30, 2014


Lots of talking. Could get to the point a lot faster and cover more content in a shorter amount of time. What about names of knits like Ponte, or Ponte Roma. What is a Matte Jersey vs Jersey. What is an ITY Jersey knit, Sweater Knit, Slub, Tri Blends, Quill. All so confusing when trying to order or figure out what to buy.

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Excellent Informative!  December 26, 2014


Loved ths class!

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Good Very Good Info And Patterns  December 20, 2014


I learned so much in this class. I also really like the patterns. The teacher is very sweet and informative.

For those who complain about the "uhms" and chatter, you're going to find that in a lot of classes because they need to fill the sewing air time.

I know her thing is sewing knits on a regular machine but I serged my hoodies, yoga pants, skirt and tee. I do have cover stitch and I used it for the first time to finish my garments, but twin needles are ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent I Have Learned So Much After Just 3 Lessons  December 15, 2014


I am new to sewing and have tried to sew with knits before, but it was very frustrating. Meg has addressed all the issues that caused me grief and I am looking forward to sewing the hoodie tomorrow. This class is an excellent value and I will be taking more Craftsy classes in the future.
Thank you.

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Disappointed!  December 12, 2014


A little slower than expected.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Disappointing   November 27, 2014


Disappointing. Want More Meaty Info And Less Talk and ums

Reviewer Avatar

Average Slow But Great Information   November 23, 2014


This class you go faster. Lots of extra phrases used that aren't necessary. But there is a lot of detailed info on each class of knits.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Good Basic Introduction To Sewing With Knits  November 22, 2014


This class starts from the very beginning. I know some of the info already, but there are still a few details that are new. Meg is thorough in her approach. The class makes me more aware of areas I need to watch out for when working with knits. I am now ready for the lessons that deal with actual garment construction.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent All The Basics Plus Advanced Tips Too  November 15, 2014


This is a great class for any level of sewist... I am intermediate sewer and still learned a few things, plus just enjoyed the projects.... Would have been awesome as a new sewer years ago.... I have been sewing since I was a kid and knits since I was about 12.... So over 30 years... Thanks for a great class.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Very Informative  November 10, 2014


Meg, I enjoy your class. You made it simple that encourages me to do more projects with knits. I also like the bonus part of dying. I hope you can have another class on how to assemble more complicated garments with heavier knits. Great class!

Reviewer Avatar

Average Detailed But Slow Paced  November 9, 2014

Frances Sadler

This is great if you want to learn more about the different fabrics and materials and about the teacher but I'm hours in to the class and we are still a way from learning how to sew with knits. I believe she is setting the ground work.
Not for the impatient

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Cannot Wait  November 7, 2014


The tutorial is now going to start actually sewing a garment. I can't wait!

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Mostly Info, Not Enough Actual Sewing  November 7, 2014


I've been watching/listening for over an hour and have yet to see her sew a single stitch. Killin me!! Not enough knit classes so I'm stuck with it.

Reviewer Avatar

Average choosing knits  November 6, 2014


great for a begginer.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Helpful....  November 1, 2014


I am a student of the Ann Person method of sewing with knits. This class is extremely helpful and informative. I look forward to sewing along with Meg on all of the course projects.

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Making It To The Valued.  October 28, 2014


While I think the information is good and much needed I think giving a little throughout the class would be more beneficial to me.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Improving My Sewing Skills  October 28, 2014


I've been sewing since I was a little girl( now I'm a Grandma), but I've never been satisfied with any clothing I've made. I'm trying to learn how to make my own comfy clothes by researching sewing online. Craftsy has the best tutorials I've found. Also, I feel like I found a new friend!

Reviewer Avatar

Average Still Not Sure  October 27, 2014


So far, her knowledge is very interesting, but her presentation skill is not professional. It is a shame that she uses so many "um, um" in her conversation which sometimes makes it difficult to listen.
I've only saw her first lesson, so maybe when she starts making something she will feel more confident.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent so far so good  October 26, 2014


the teacher is very articulate and thorough. I have only so far heard the first two classes which are a little basic but still a good review. looking forward to the rest of the classes. appreciate having this opportunity to learn.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Hoodie   October 24, 2014


I think Meg is a very fine teacher. I have enjoyed watching how to construct the garments and am feeling more confident with working with knits.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Love this class! Great for a knit beginner.  October 22, 2014

Jessica Shields

I learned the basics of how to sew from my mother growing up but have not done any real sewing since then. This class has been excellent in equipping me with the tools and confidence to make basic knit wear for myself and my kids. The instructions and patterns are great and easy to follow. Meg is very warm and engaging in her videos.

My only criticism/suggestion would be to add a typed list of the different tools you can use to work with knits, and in what situation they might be ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Okay So-So Class  October 18, 2014


Not very inspiring. Most of all I disliked the nervous laugh of the teacher.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor The worst Crafsty Class I have taken  October 15, 2014


I am sorry but this is truly the worst class I have taken. The patterns are way off, the instructions are horrible. I did manage to make my first knit, by ignoring almost everything she said. Save your money try something else. This is the ONLY class out of 36 from Craftsy I have been disappointed by.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Love These Courses  October 8, 2014


Just started this one but it looks great!

Reviewer Avatar

Good Good start!  September 29, 2014

Georgiana Archer

I've enjoyed the start to this lesson on working with knits. I think it's great to have teachers talking about their background as it makes the class feel more personal even though it's via video, we still feel as though we are making contact with a 'real' person who has a vested interest in being there.

I know as a teacher myself that the two way process of teaching is really important so I'm sure teachers also enjoy being able to read something back from us as well.

Reviewer Avatar

Good Educational  September 26, 2014


A long lesson but very educational.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Learning My Knits!  September 21, 2014


Love the information so far as I've never sewed with knits. Wished I could have seen close ups of the different materials as she went through them but other than that great so far!

Reviewer Avatar

Okay For beginners only  September 14, 2014


Unless you are a novice to sewing with knit fabric do NOT purchase this course. The pace is slow and the information is very basic. Anyone who has experience with sewing knits and hopes to learn something new probably won't learn it here. At least I got some patterns and I did enjoy the chapter on dyeing. I was too bored to watch most of the lessons.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Not worth the time.  September 14, 2014

Sally-Ann Flak

I'm new to Craftsy so wasn't sure what to expect, but after watching most of this video I wish I had saved my money. Long on time, light on information. I have sewn with knits a lot but not recently and I was really looking for a refresher and hopefully some new techniques. What I got were overlong lessons, a rambling instructor, and very little in the way of substance. Meg seems very nice, but flaky. I honestly couldn't listen to her for very long before I became anoyed. I want information ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Excellent A Wonderful Introduction To Knits!  September 8, 2014


This a great great class! I am ready to brave the world of knits!

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Easy Peasy!  September 6, 2014


I loved this class. I found it was geared towards the beginner or advanced beginner sewer. It was very easy to follow the instructions and I was able to immediately start putting together garments. Loved it!

Reviewer Avatar

Good Great Class  September 6, 2014


I found this class to be very informative. Meg is a great teacher. She goes slow and is very thorough in her explanations. I learned a lot from this class and have applied the techniques to several t shirts and dresses.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Loved working with knits  September 1, 2014


I learned alot from this class. And because of that I loved working with knits. I read all the bad reviews at first but when i looked at the project people made i decided to take the class. I am so glad that I did.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Sewing With Knits  September 1, 2014


I love the way she explains the different knits and shows how and where to get them. I just love to Lerner more from her I can't wait to get started on learning how to sew knits.

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Not awful, but certainly not great  August 31, 2014


The class isn't as bad as some reviewers felt, but it definitely isn't as informative as so many others wrote. Meg's initial nervousness goes away and her speaking style, although not that of a great orator, isn't horrendous. If you like loud, energetic TV presenters who seem to have a substance abuse problem and constantly shout at viewers and have a mini-orgasm every time they accomplish the simplest of tasks, then this class isn't for you. But I quite enjoyed Meg's laid-back and calm ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Learning!  August 30, 2014


I really like how Megan is fun and encouraging. I am intimidated just thinking about sewing knits! I look forward to learning more!

Reviewer Avatar

Okay So-so Class  August 22, 2014


Too much extraneous information.

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Disappointing   August 14, 2014


I purchased this class a while ago and only recently started to watch it and...I couldn't get past the second lesson. Meg seems very sweet and lovely and at the same time, her style of teaching is rather laid back, slow, indirect and with many tangents which made me impatient. I didn't mind the history lessons, but my main issue was that it took so long to get to any real substance of the class I was gone well before then.

I've read some reviews and see that it was one of craftsy's ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Sewing With Knits 5 Essential Wardrobe   August 12, 2014


Excellent and very detailed

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Sewing With Knits  August 12, 2014

Queen boleyn

Very good class .

Reviewer Avatar

Good Lots of great info  August 9, 2014


I love this class. For a beginner working with knits, I think the information is great and the instructor is very personable. She talks at a speed that you can absorb and remember what she says. The patterns are a plus.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Knits  August 9, 2014


I love this class, so much information in a very personable way.

Reviewer Avatar

Average ok  July 28, 2014


Well I must say. I was bored with class but I have made one garment. I don't think I will be making any more as I find megs teaching approach slow and very Un interesting.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Very Disapointing  July 25, 2014


I just sent in a request to Craftsy for a refund on this class. I'll just copy and paste what I told them.......
I read the mixed reviews of this class beforehand and decided to take it anyway because I figured I could deal with all the ummm's if it meant having one place to answer my questions about sewing with knits. I have quite a few projects that I would like to start but haven't been able to because I have not had a good experience sewing with knits. I got sick of endlessly wading ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Good Solid Instruction; Generous Patterns  July 17, 2014


I am a beginner to garment sewing. This class provided excellent instruction for someone at my level. I appreciated the emphasis that Meg gave to sewing with a machine. I don't have a serger, which is probably pretty common. I used a walking foot per Meg's recommendation and it worked great.

This was one of Craftsy's earlier classes. The editing and direction needed considerable tightening. The first two lessons were bloated. The information on the fabric types was good, but went on ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Sewing Fleece Hoodie  July 5, 2014


I love sewing with knits.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Good Class  July 4, 2014

Siri Guru

Very interesting info about the different knits.

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Ummmmm  July 4, 2014


I have never sewed with knits before because I was afraid to. After taking this class, I sew with knits all the time now. So, I did learn something. But her presentation was terrible - she stammered alot and babbled about nothing important. I paid money to learn how to sew with knits, not hear about her time in Mexico or her childhood. It was almost like she was trying to fill in the time with something. Anything. And the camera shots were of her left hand and not what she was sewing. ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Knowledgeable  July 2, 2014


The instructor is very pleasant and easy to listen to as well as understand. I look forward to continuing with this course.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent A Basic Set Of Patterns That One Will Use Over And Over  July 2, 2014


I enjoy megs style. I love having a class available to me anytime of the day or night anywhere in the World.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Not a good fit for my learning style  June 29, 2014


I made it through three lessons and then decided not to go on. There were too many distractions and it was more stressful than relaxing to listen. The lessons did not flow easily-there were hesitations, unnecessary repetition, and an overall feeling that the instructor was nervous, unprepared, or just under too much pressure. My empathy kicked in and I found myself feeling much like she seemed to! This is my personal opinion. I do respect that others are not as sensitive to these types of ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Thoroughly enjoyed this "taking the fear out of sewing with knits" class!  June 28, 2014


As a total newby at sewing with knits, and not owning a serger, I felt this class was just right. I totally enjoyed Meg's personable, chatty style, and felt that I got a good education on how to sew with knits on a regular home sewing machine (which I believe was the basis of the class). I LOVE that the class came with PDF patterns for some basic garments for me to practice on! I've watched the whole class a few times now to get everything, and find that her tips and tricks are great and ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Great Class  June 27, 2014


Really enjoying this class and Meg is so sweet and friendly.

This class has definitely given the confidence to try knits. I want to conquer them given how much they feature in my wardrobe.

I hope to see more classes from Meg soon.

Reviewer Avatar

Good Sewing with knits, get beyond the uummmsss  June 17, 2014


There is useful information in this class, but this is the class that tought me to check reviews. The first two lessons were painful. Meg's intro was far too long. She seemed very scattered and unprepared. No instructor should say, "I wanted to show you this, but forgot it." She has many umms and uhhs that are distracting.

Once the class gets to the sewing, there are some great tips and tricks to working with knits. I don't own a serger, so I appreciated the fact that Meg ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Loved This Class!  June 12, 2014


Tons of useful info, really fun and well-paced for following along, and excellent patterns! Also I'm translating the skills taught into refashioning my older t-shirts that didn't fit so well by redoing a neckline or hem, etc and getting a second life out of them -BONUS!

Reviewer Avatar

Good Good Class  June 12, 2014


It is a slow moving class but I found meg very helpful.

I enjoyed a class where everything isn't dependent on a serger or a coverstitch. These projects are very doable for any sewist. If you want to use a serger and coverstitch, then you can. For the newbie sewist with only a sewing machine, this class will help you sew useable pieces.

I like the patterns but don't like the PDF files. I am too anxious to sit and tape pages together!

Reviewer Avatar

Good Great Knits 101 course  June 8, 2014


This is a great Knits 101 class. It's designed for the knit novice and gives you simple (free with the course) patterns that you can use to build your skills, one basic garment at a time. I am working my way through this class, learning from my mistakes. Then I will graduate to a more expensive knit wrap dress and fancier t-shirts using more expensive and challenging knit fabrics.

This is a skill building class. The garments are simple. I purchased 1 and 2 yard increments of some ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Good Learning A lot !  May 28, 2014


I was unsure whether to take this class or not due to reviews that were not favorable and even negative.
I decided to go ahead and take it anyway and am glad that I did. I am learning so much. Megan is very personable and gives very helpful hints. She makes me want to try and know that she will be giving me the steps to make it successful.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Not up to the usual Craftsy standards  May 28, 2014


As others have stated, the instructor is a very warm, caring person, but the pace of the course is extremely slow, with LOTS of off-topic wandering (if I wanted a parenting class, I'd take one). I like the patterns that came with the course, but the level of the course just didn't live up to the other courses I've taken on Craftsy. Luckily, I've taken amazing Craftsy classes on fitting & finishing, because neither of those topics are a strength of this course.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Great Class !  May 28, 2014


I love everything about this class : the subject (I love wearing knits), the cool, fun and friendly teaching style of Meg, her excellent sewing tips and the included patterns (my top favorite : the fleece hoodie : worn, worn, and... wearing again :-)). So I definitely recommend this class with the highest enthusiasm ! Go for it !

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Wonderful, Enlightening Class!  May 26, 2014


This is my favorite Craftsy class out of the 19 I have purchased. The instruction is good. Moreover, I love her stories and has inspired me to live a more organic, healthy lifestyle. Besides the hints for sewing with knits, I really appreciate the section on dying fabric and her sources for organic cottons. A big Yay! Thank you Craftsy for offering this class. It has truly inspired me!

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Disappointing  May 21, 2014


I'm sure that Meg is a very nice person - but there's a lot of "uhmm, uhmm", so annoying - all through the class; she seems nervous, unprepared, and not very good at describing - bunchy for blouson? If you're an amateur, maybe, but as someone else said, I felt I was ahead of her in many areas. And wish I had bought another class on sewing knits.

Reviewer Avatar

Average Beginner Sewing with Knit Class  May 17, 2014

Taylar Wooten

I agree with some students that it is slow-moving and the personal stories did not increase my sewing skills. A lot of time was spent on different kinds of knit fabrics. While this is important, it really should be it's on class (with perhaps other beginning subjects).

Serging knit seams, finishing seams would have been more helpful to me. Also, more suggestions for cutting slinky knits and where to add fusible tricot on seams and how to keep the fabric from stretching. I'm ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Excellent course for a beginner with knits  May 6, 2014

Nadine DL

I really enjoyed this course. Meg explains very well and the patterns given are so nice ! I made 4 t-shirts, a skirt and the empire waist dress. All are wonderful. Thank you Meg and hope to have another course with you !

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Trying to Plow Through  April 22, 2014


I have to admit that I am not thrilled with this class so I went back to check some of the other reviews and find that I am not alone. I think my biggest complaint is that she is giving some faulty information. For instance, while you don’t need a serger to sew knits, I disagree that she suggests that a serger is not needed unless you are doing production sewing and discourages anyone from purchasing one. Not only that, she states that she has a serger but does not use it because it ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Great Class  April 18, 2014


I don't understand all the bad reviews. I took this class when I was first learning to sew, and I thought it was great. I learned all kinds of techniques for sewing with knits and I am therefore not intimidated by them at all. She gives out an incredible amount of information, and there are 5 free patterns to go with the class too. She might have a more talkative disposition, but everybody is different and I thought she seemed very nice and eager to help others learn to sew.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent   April 17, 2014


Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Love love this class  April 8, 2014


I really love this class. I have made four surplice dresses and receive complements all the time. My friend can't believe that I made the dresses myself. Great techniques for sewing knits.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor And sew it goes...  March 28, 2014


She seems very nice, but way too chatty and not enough sewing. I was disappointed in the class...

Reviewer Avatar

Good Great introduction class to sewing with knits  March 28, 2014


While aimed at the beginner, rather than the experienced knit sewist, I've found this class really helpful. I had already sewn several knit garments, but have picked up plenty of tips and tricks! Personally, I love Meg's calm, patient teaching style! I've given 4 stars simply because the pdf patterns are printable on US format paper only, rather than European A4, so some adjustments to the paper patterns are necessary. Other than that, I love the patterns and the tutorials and I've really ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Poor SEWING SNOOZE-FEST  March 17, 2014


I haven't been this bored since I took philosophy in college.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Unprofessional, Unprepared, and Uninteresting  March 14, 2014


What can I even say... I have been so disappointed in this class. Meg seems nice, but woefully unprepared for this challenge. It seemed as if she was just unprepared to teach this subject period. She definitely is unprepared to answer questions and get back to sewists in a timely manner.
The garments look very "Becky home-ecky" and there is almost no information about finishing techniques or altering fit. Is that the great thing about knits, you can be lazy? I have taken a lot of ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Average Beginner class  February 21, 2014


I like the patterns, there is good information in the course, but it was too basic for me.

I will be using the patterns but probably won't finish watching the videos. The instruction style is slow, but I think if I were new to sewing, or nervous about knits, I may find it reassuring.

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Undecided  February 15, 2014


I am halfway through the second lesson and haven't learned anything yet. The instructor has a sweet disposition, but I need precision in instructors. I keep getting the feeling that I know more than she does. I didn't read any reviews before I bought this (on sale-seemed like a good deal), but actually decided to stop the video and check out some of the reviews because I was thinking it was me. I have very little time to sew and find her style a little irritating. I expect intensity like Marcy ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Good Good introduction to sewing with knits  January 30, 2014


I've watched most of the lessons now and think this course is a good introduction to sewing with knits. The first couple of lessons are a bit long and meandering but once I got to the practical lessons on sewing the patterns I picked up lots of tips which I'm going to try. I bought this course when it was on sale and it's good value for money as it includes 5 patterns which have many variations and I'm sure I will use a lot.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Good Class  January 29, 2014


This class certainly helped me to get over any fear of sewing with knits. I liked that Meg reviewed types and characteristics of various knits. That coupled with the right tools and methods was exactly what I needed. I've gone on to make many tees, skirts, dresses and tanks and I know that this class was instrumental in my success. Thanks, Meg

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Horrendous!!!!  January 26, 2014


This class is awful!
The instructor cannot teach and just keeps talking nonsense. I found this so frustrating I couldn't watch anymore!
Such a shame as I have some other wonderful classes here on craftsy, but sadly NOT this one.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Poor choice for Craftsy  January 16, 2014


This is amateur I'm sorry to say. It makes Craftsy look bad even though I love this site. This instructor doesn't know how to teach, and her projects look very homemade. It's sad when you look in the background, and see her projects on the dress forms looking wobbly, ill fitted, and unfinished. I don't think she has had any professional training at all on how to sew. How she came up with some patterns, we may never know, but I'm sure she just cut up a t-shirt she had and figured it out from ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Great class!  October 1, 2013


Love, Love, Loved this class. Meg is warm and great at explaining detail and the garments go up to a size xxl, which prevented me from having to grade anything up (thank you Meg!!) . I have made 3 versions of the surplus dress, which have become my go to mommy dress, I was even able to nurse in them. As a beginner I had many ahah moments from the thorough teaching method she used (how to trace, cutting techniques, how to grasp curling edges of knit fabric, etc.) I felt the relaxed pace ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Excellent   September 28, 2013


I´ve never worked with knits and for me this class fulfilled completely what it had promised: to get me started. Meg is a very pleasant person to "be" with and she guided me through all the steps leading towards (so far) several T-shirts and yoga pants. She showed me there is nothing to be afraid of when sewing with knits. As a result, I bought a serger a few weeks ago.

However, I must admit I was a bit confused about the type of thread needed into the bobbin at ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Good Good for beginners who prefer a slower pace and calm instructor.  September 15, 2013


I agree with the other reviewers who liked the class, especially reganpurple. I also prefer Meg's calm and slightly slower pace. She does not make me feel rushed or nervous to complete the next step. For this reason, I really liked this class.

Although I am no sewing expert, I do not agree with the reviewer who said Meg's garments were thrown together or that they look as if they came from a "cheap and nasty market stall." Comments like these are harsh and do not ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Great class!  September 10, 2013


I am new to sewing & this was my first Craftsy class; I really enjoyed it. Meg is great and provided such clear instructions. I have made three t-shirts and a maxi dress, one of these days I will post pictures. I love that all of the patterns are so wearable for every day life.
The techniques taught can be used over and over for any knit pattern. I found myself referencing parts of the course with other knit patterns I have made this past summer and will continue to do so. ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Perfect class for my needs  September 4, 2013


It isn't a fast-paced class, but the garments go together really fast and I now have techniques I can apply to any project. Some of us don't like to be bombarded -- all a matter of learning style, skill level and patience. The class that some of you more skilled and impatient reviewers would love would be too fast-paced for me. Meg is the type of teacher who would stay late after an in-person class to make sure you understood it -- and I would be one of those students who needed extra help! ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Full pf good information!  August 30, 2013


It is a beginner class as the choice of patterns suggest. The pacing is slow at times; but, the information is good. I primarily took the class for the patterns which makes this class a bargain. I learned things I did n't know about i.e. bias seam tape. I ordered it right away and now use it for all my knits--it is great! I think her budding pattern company will go places!

Reviewer Avatar

Average Class For Beginners  August 24, 2013

Canada Girl

This is definitely a beginner's class. Knits can be sewn without a serger, but if you don't use a serger or finish the seams off in some way, they cry out "Home Made". As with any class I have taken over the years, I have picked up a few tips, but the class goes very slow for anyone that has some sewing experience.

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Fix this class please  August 24, 2013


The content of this class is good but I can't get through the videos b/c the streaming is terrible. I have zero issues streaming elsewhere on the net and have a good computer so its a host issue for sure.
I hate to give a bad review but I've emailled craftsy and got no response. Please fix this class !!

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Very Slow Moving  August 21, 2013

Vicki J D

The teacher, Meg seems like a sweetheart, very caring and passionate about sewing. However, it is very, very, very, slow moving. I purchased this class quite some time ago, and when I initially started to watch it, I fell asleep. Every time since then that I attempted to watch it, the same has happened. I cannot even get through one full lesson.

Unfortunately, I moved on to my other Craftsy classes, not realizing that the money back guarantee was only for the first 30 days. So, ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Poor Poor presentation and poor garments  August 19, 2013


I did not like this class at all, presentation was so unprofessional. She seems like an amateur who has taught herself to sew, did I say sew> I mean actually to throw garments together, Look at the way the garments hang, so limp and poorly constructed, like something from a cheap and nasty market stall. A waste of money and I have asked for a refund, most definitely not up to the good standard of the other craftsy sewing classes that I am enjoying

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Perfect! Just what I needed!  August 18, 2013

Lenas Legacy

I recently lost over 40 pounds and have a closet filled with T-shirts that are 4 sizes too big for me. They're in great shape so I wanted to re-size them for me and tear apart one or two to make a few T-shirts for our miniature Dachshund, Lena. The problem is that when I tried to re-size a shirt for me, it came out awful. The seams stretched, the hems puckered. A disaster!! Meg's class was fabulous and I followed her guidelines and am now getting great results. I recently purchased a walking ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Good Looking forward to more from Meg  August 18, 2013


Thanks Meg, I really enjoyed this class. I agree with the other reviewers that it was a bit slow to get rolling in the beginning but I really enjoyed Meg's relaxed and laid back style. Her attitude conveyed 'No worries" and that makes you less concerned about trying out new things. I have only sewed one pattern with knits so am now very excited I have a larger repertoire of knit garments to sew.

My personal highlights were:
1. The pockets in the yoga pants (I *love* the ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Poor Frustrating  July 23, 2013


Unfortunately this class is just plain painful to sit through. I've even tried knitting while I watch to see if I can get through it, but I can't. The delivery is very unprofessional, with many painful pauses, um's, repeating of words, and is VERY SLOW. It seems to take 3-4 minutes to explain something that should take 30 seconds to explain, and the little stories that are interjected make it drag on even more. It seems like the content and tone of the delivery would be much more ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Okay Casual, laid back, slow moving, chatty class  July 22, 2013


We all have different learning styles. If you like a casual, very slow moving, extremely chatty classes, you will love this one. If you are looking for a fast paced, direct point by point class, you might want to pass.

I could not recommend this class for a beginner either, I found it confusing. Part of this was due to the camera angles that completely obliterated what she was doing. One looks at her left had a lot, but cannot see the needle or seam at all. Part of it was the ...

Read full review »
Reviewer Avatar

Good Very Good Class  July 21, 2013

Jo la Fleur

This class was very good. Meg covered all the basic types of knits in detail and I learned quite a lot from her though I have been sewing for a long time. My former teachers had said to use a zig zag stitch for stretch knits but it always came out bulky and horrible looking so I would do straight stitching. It wasn't until Meg said to make the stitches small that it worked for me!!!! Until Meg none of my other teachers bothered to mention the size of the stitch or the other stretch stitches ...

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Excellent Loved the knit class!  July 17, 2013


I have been sewing for 45 years. I could never master sewing with knits. However, i must say i so enjoyed Megs teaching style and her easy ,calm demeanor. I have watched her videos several times and am now ready to start my tee. Thank you Meg for taking away my fears of working with knits .Those of you,who have been so critical of meg should be ashamed of yourself, she is a wonderful teacher.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Didn't enjoy this course  July 10, 2013


Meg seems like such a warm & caring person, and I thank her for her efforts.

While there may be some valuable content in this course, I've had trouble concentrating while watching it. I've even fallen asleep during one lesson!

Better editing would probably have gone a long way to improving on this course. It is not of the same quality of the many other courses I've taken from Craftsy.

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Slow in many ways  July 9, 2013


Okay, she seems nice.. but talks and works very slow. Is also VERY slow to respond to questions.. 3 weeks seems a bit long when you're working on a project. I seriously considered not taking any other classes because of this. Another class I took the instructor was also slow to respond, a week, maybe 2 weeks. Craftsy says it normally should take no longer than a few days 3 or so...

Reviewer Avatar

Poor For beginners only  July 9, 2013

Judith M.

I didn't like this class at all. It was to basic. I didn't even watch the whole course.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Frustrating  July 6, 2013


In this media-savvy world I suppose we are very spoiled when it comes to production values and professional presentation. This class was sorely lacking in all areas except the actual sewing; however, even that was was fleeting and so hard to pin down. Skillful editing, particularly the "um's", speech hesitations and word repetitions, might have saved this video. As it is, it is painful to sit through. Sorry to the presenter, who seem quite genuine in her desire to teach. I am ...

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Average Good Class, but kind of hard to follow details.  June 18, 2013


I am a self-taught newbie to sewing and I think overall this class provides some great tips to get you started with sewing with knits. I started sewing because I couldn't find great looking knit tops in my size, but I was afraid to sew with knits because all of the books and videos that I read said that newbie should stay away from knits. This class has made me more comfortable sewing with knits. I just wish that Meg would have been more clear as to what stitch links she was using and ...

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Average Good tips-slow pace  June 17, 2013

Joyce Deans

Clearly, Meg is an accomplished seamstress and has a passion for sewing and designing. The tips for working with knits are excellent. I found the pace to be too slow for my learning style.
I prefer a more specific, to the point presentation.

I think the class as presented would be ideal for a novice.
A condensed version would be better for more experienced sewers.
I would recommend for beginners.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent I loved this class!  June 15, 2013


I really enjoyed this class. Meg is warm and friendly and I liked her teaching style. I am not a beginner and I still learned things I did not know. I'm not sure why people who think they are experts are signing up for classes and then leaving rude reviews. If you already know everything, go help someone else. Don't criticize people who are sharing their knowledge.
Meg's patterns are very cute and I love the top I made and can't wait to make the other patterns!

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Disappointed... I should have read the reviews before purchasing.  June 8, 2013


I take the blame for not reading the reviews for this class, I suppose a beginner would learn some tips for sewing with knits without the use of a serger, but for me, it was a total waste of time. I got through the first few long long lessons but then skipped around to try and find the "meat", to no avail. I found the seams and the hems on the garments too unfinished looking for my taste.

Reviewer Avatar

Good good basic sewing knit class  June 2, 2013

glenna s

Meg is delightful to watch. I enjoyed the class. While it is a BASIC class I did learn a few tips. I have not sewed knits in about 20 years. I made the V neck t shirt which I needed to adjust the pattern for proper fit, turned out very nice. I had settled for off the rack shirts that never really fit. I plan to purchase better quality fabrics and make several others.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent A great class for self-taught seamstresses!  June 2, 2013


Other than a few high school classes fifteen years ago, I've learned to sew in the past two years from trial and error and internet tutorials and can honestly say that I've learned so much from Meg!
I've only watched and made the hoodie so far (and have done 4 different versions of it!) but I'm about to start the t-shirts and can't wait. The fit of the hoodie was very flattering and comfortable, while still being very feminine. Until this class, I'd always assumed hoodies were just unisex ...

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Poor   May 20, 2013


Reviewer Avatar

Good Techniques and Attitude Are A Great Combination.  May 20, 2013


This has been a very rewarding class. I did this class because of a slippery knit dress I am working on. I realised I needed to be open to Meg's style to benefit from her experience, rather than just learn a few techniques. I watched all the video lessons and read all the questions and comments. I have relaxed and found my sewing zen and developed a deeper understanding of some of the complexities of knit sewing. I am enjoying taking the time to perfect the dress I am working on and experiment ...

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Good Tons of tips!  May 18, 2013


Definitely this is a beginner knit class and the teaching style geared toward that. I agree Meg's style is patient and on the slower side and you should watch the preview to see if its not your cup of tea. That being said Meg presents a wealth of knowledge and tips that have made me not only stop fearing knits but embrace them. The end results are quick and satisfying. She demonstrates tips for getting tricky knit necklines to lay right, a faux cover stitch and tools to make knit sewing ...

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Excellent Great class for people new to sewing with knits  May 10, 2013


I think this is a great class if you don't have an overlocker and are new or intimidated by sewing with knit fabric. This is a beginner class if you are more experienced you might be disappointed but I thought it was fantastic. You get 5 patterns which are nice everyday garments (like all patterns they will need tweaking for your particular body shape). I like Megs slower narrative style it reminds me of being in a real beginners class (rather than a virtual one) where the tutor happily chats ...

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Poor Almost unwatchable  May 6, 2013


Sorry, but that's what this class is, at least for anyone who is busy, The teacher spends about 10x as much time on the touchy-feely stuff as the specifics. She talks all around each topic, but does not give basic information such as "wooly nylon goes in the BOBBIN, not the top." I've been sewing for quite a while, but had never touched knits and thought this would give me the basics. Look at all the questions from people she managed to thoroughly confuse. And I still can't sew a knit ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Poor Painful to watch  April 27, 2013


Do not like to bring bad news but this is necessary. Must agree with all the other reviews in giving bad marks to this class. Delivery is slow, rambling is distracting, and off topic comments anoying. Won't even recommend this class as an introduction to Craftsy classes. I enrolled in other classes that are very good but from now on I'll make sure I check who is giving the class and if I have seen the person on TV. I keep fast forwarding the video and still trying to finish watching so I ...

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Poor Knit T-shirt sew along.....  April 24, 2013


The class was basically a sew-a-long with Meg. The class presented only basic knit sewing techniques. The patterns are nice and sized / designed with a more modern fit. Meg presented information on types of knits and stitches to use with knits but did not give example photos or comparative examples. An okay class, but I'd suggest you let folks know that it presents very basic information.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Best for complete newbies  April 21, 2013


Craftsy needs to note up front on the class description that it is for complete newbies. I expected to learn a few various ways to get more professional finished look and personalized fit.

It should also be noted that the class materials do not include a "tip sheet", so if you are a newbie, be sure to take careful notes as you watch the video.

I only watched a few of the videos because they were not teaching anything that was new or "tricky", and ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Poor Very basic  April 8, 2013


First of all, I want to thank Meg for her time and efforts she put into this lesson. But unfortunately, I found the information very basic: I have not learnt much from this class. If you want to learn more advanced and professional techniques - this class is no good.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Great Class  April 3, 2013


Last night I finally got to sit down in my sewing room and make my first knit project. Though I have sewn for many years, I have not had much experience with knits and have found this class extremely helpful in taking away that fear and providing practical, easy instructions on how to sew knits successfully.

Finished the hoodie in one sitting and though it's too hot already to wear here in Florida, I'll be in New York later this month and it will be perfect. My 27 year old son has ...

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Average Good class that just needs a bit of refining  April 2, 2013


First off, as a self-taught home seamstress, this class had some really good information in it. I'm avoided sewing with knits because i just found them too difficult and the end results were never what I hoped. Taking this course tipped me off to some tools and techniques I can use to improve that, so in that regard it was well worth it.
Where it fell short a bit was in the delivery... the instructor is obviously well-versed in her work and has a lot of valuable experience to share, but ...

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Okay This class doesn't teach industry techniques  March 28, 2013


If don't have a serger - this class is for you. But if you come to learn professional techniques - you will be disappointed. I wish this was better explained before you purchase the class.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Great class  March 24, 2013


I've sewn with knits years ago but wanted to start sewing for myself again. I took the course as a refresher and have even learned some new things. Meg is a good teacher with an easy, friendly style. She makes sewing with knits very accessible to anyone wanting to learn.The course is really a good value because of all the free patterns that come with the class.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Boring and Very Elementary  March 16, 2013


I still have not finished the video as it does not hold my attention long enough for me to get through it. I agree with others that she spends way too much time on silly stories and stammering around. I hate that this is the first class for me. I have given some of the cake decorating classes to my daughter and she raves about the content in them so I will try another sewing class but I do not recommend this one for learning to sew knits. You can get all the info she has to present in a whole ...

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Okay For Beginners  March 14, 2013


This is a beginning sewing class focusing on knits. It is not for the experienced seamstress. Meg is likable and I'm sure a beginner could learn much from her.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Home-made looking knits  March 13, 2013


If you want to sew hand crafted, professional looking knits that fit your body, then this class is NOT for you.
The class is void of information on professional looking finishing techniques. If you follow her advice on sewing with knits you will end up with a garment that looks home-made.
She is slow to answer questions with plenty of excuses for her delay.
I did not like her pattern proportions and she provides no information on pattern modification.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Thank You, Meg!  March 12, 2013


Hello, i am from Austria and i love these Videos! Easy to understand and really helpful with knits ;-))

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Trying  March 9, 2013


I've watched this 3 times but I fell asleep each time. It's really hard to stay alert and focused in this particular class. Personally, I would say it is slow and boring, for my taste. The instructor is CLEAR but she does pause a lot. That can be distracting to some. I will try again. I am not giving up.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Perfect for a new sewer/ sewist who would like to learn to sew with knits!  March 8, 2013


I love Meg, love the class, and have overcome my fear of sewing with knits. Now, for those of you who have said rude things about Meg, shame on you! She is obviously nervous and doing her best to share her knowledge (which she has loads of). I think she did a great job and will hopefully become more confident in the future (no thanks to those who have been less than complimentary). Thank you Craftsy and thank you Meg for a wonderful class on knits!

Reviewer Avatar

Good A little patience with the teaching style allowed me to learn a LOT!  February 12, 2013

Home By Friday

Thankyou, Meg, for taking the time to share your knowledge and skills with us. I have been sewing for 30 years and had always avoided knits due to a perception that they were too hard - but this class has blown away all those myths and given me plenty of tips, including ensuring that I begin with the correct tools and notions.

Although Meg's teaching style can be hesitant or meander a little at times, a degree of patience with this allowed me to not only learn how to sew with knits, ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Poor Painfully slow!  February 10, 2013


I really want to learn how to sew with knits but the instructor is sooooo slow and awkward. There are a lot of stammers and stutters and "ums" and awkward pauses, laughs and analogies. A lot of the lessons can be cut in half if she doesn't ramble on so much. Craftsy, please have your instructors use a script and stick with it and learn how to properly conduct an online course (check out lynda.com for examples). I'm sure these instructors are very knowledgeable and talented but if they ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent very caring and easy to understand  February 9, 2013


thank you meg,, thank you for helping me renew the skils i learned years ago, and new tips and ideas and of course now there is new notions to use,
you are so easy to listen to, as i have a hearing problem i have enjoyed all the segments

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Well Done & Information Galore!!!  January 31, 2013

Lizzy Beth

Overall, this class was really enjoyable.

Meg taught me a few things that I hadn't thought of, so those were good things.

The patterns included with the class are good, but they weren't really my style, so I did do some modifications to them so that they would suit my needs and tastes better. This is a great class to get some staples in your wardrobe.

Prior to taking this class, I was a bit intimidated by knits; however, Meg's very clear explanations and the ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Must do class!!!!  January 16, 2013


I have learned so much about knits watching this class and I really recommend it. She teaches in a lovely calm pace and go step by step, full of tips and techniques. I wouldn't be able to make such nice job on the neckline without her trick.
I hope to really conquer sewing with Knits and complete all the projects!

Reviewer Avatar

Average I liked it slightly revised   January 10, 2013


So having done 2 more projects I'm editing a bit. I'm pleased with my shirt though I ended up using a size larger then I did in the hoodie. The shorts for me were a fail. I did the size that my waist fits and the pockets pull open too much to wear. The rise is also very low. I think they would be fine without pockets but I would have to go up another size in the shorts while keeping the waist band of the size I made to maybe get them to fit. I've used knits a good bit already but I've ...

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Excellent Highly recommend this class!  January 9, 2013


This class is worth every cent. It comes with a hoodie, a couple of types of t shirts with different necklines and sleeves to mix and match, a skirt, pants or capris, and my favorite, the Surplice dress. Everything you need for everyday comfy clothes. I was experienced with sewing knits, but picked up some tips, like sewing elastic into the seam to make the garment recover better. So overall, this class is great for beginners or beyond, and Meg is so sweet, I hope she does another class ...

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Poor Ignored my question & didn't seem her heart was in it  January 7, 2013

Lavender Sencha

I've signed up for many Craftsy courses. This is the only one I have not enjoyed. I had a question on the surplice dress - it has been a month and she has not answered my question so it put a stop to my dress and I didn't feel like continuing with the lessons. Not very helpful when you want to complete a project and increase your skills. In the video lessons she seemed like her mind was elsewhere. I was very disappointed.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Sewing with Knits  January 5, 2013


I have to say "Kooshka", not sure how old you are but when critiquing someone, you can leave the disrespectfull remarks to yourself. I truly hope you learn how to write an adult critique within the next few years! That being said, I truly enjoyed the knowledge and expertise presented in the lesson. I did learn better, how to sew with knits and look forward to purchasing any other videos she may endeavor! Thanks, lkenady

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Sewing with Knits  January 5, 2013


I give Meg A++++ in knowledge and information but her antidotal comments seemed strange and unnecessary and her monotone voice made it VERY difficult for me to follow along. She was actually VERY boring. It was the like being in 8th grade history class again….”wha Wha wha wa wa” – zzz……….still haven't finished these class lesson because I can't stay awake.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Fun and Fabulous Class!!!  January 4, 2013


What a wonderful class for learning about sewing with knits! Yesterday I proudly finished the hoodie and will post pictures after I dye it. Meg is a fantastic teacher -- informative at just he right time. I loved having my ipad next to my sewing machine -- it felt like I had a sewing buddy right next to me! Well done Meg! Thanks so much!

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Joy!  January 3, 2013


Love this format. and the instructor. The class was easy to follow, and now I can sew my own t-shirts and hoodies! Plan to make gifts for friends too! Will send pics soon. Thanks Meg for sharing, and thanks Craftsy!

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent This course gave me a huge boost of confidence  January 2, 2013

Jill Mandy

I just started fashion sewing in the last year and have been very nervous about it. Meg made it fun and easy. I love this course and the patterns....everything worked!

I was getting frustrated because none of my projects were working but with this class, it gave me the confidence I needed to take on any challenge and I am completely addicted to sewing now.

Thanks Meg!

Reviewer Avatar

Good Easy, Informative, Pattern Variety, Tips & Tricks   December 21, 2012


This class was great. Meg was a joy to watch -- very sweet personality. She gives you everything you need to know to sew knits with only a sewing machine: tools, stitches, notions, hemming knits (without rippling), and patterns. She demonstrates the following garments: t-shirt (scoop & v-neck versions), dress, yoga shorts (lengthen for pants, and fleece hoodie. There is a bonus skirt pattern that she includes -- not demonstrated, but skirts are super easy to do. There is also a bonus ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Good Easy and fun with a nice and charming teacher  December 3, 2012

Eva testar

I think this was a fun and easy class to take. A lot of patterns are included in this class. I have made The Hoodie and the t-shirt so far and I think Meg have designed that for me (!) because it fits my body really well. An extra plus for the written instructions in the class material. Meg have done a short checklist for each step in the sewing process. Its good to have when you work at the sewing machine and the computer are somewhere else... I learned some very easy and very smart ways to ...

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Okay A Few Good Tips  November 30, 2012


After comparing this to some of the other Craftsy sewing courses, I have to say that this one is my least favorite. The instructor is not terribly engaging, There were a few good tips, but not a lot of useful information. I wish there was more information on fit in this course. The projects seem fun; but I don't think this course gave me the skills I need to alter the patterns properly. Supplies was probably the best lesson.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Great class  November 25, 2012


This class is one of the best I have ever taken. The video format is very user-friendly. Meg is very knowledgeable and offers so many techniques and ideas. The patterns are wonderful, and the material lists are thoroughly prepared and oompete. She offers resources for supplies and fabrics, as well as thorough instruction on how to get started with sewing knits before you attempt youf first project. I highly recommend this class!.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Says "um" 21 times in first 4 minutes -not an engaging speaker.  November 24, 2012


Fabric Primer: In the first 4 minutes Meg says "um or Ah" twenty one times (I counted) and it continues through out the lesson causing a great distraction and frustration.

Supplies: Incessantly says "um", looks uncomfortable, making me feel uncomfortable. I presume this is her first time teaching or teaching in a studio setting. Again, this Lesson could be trimmed down instead it is so slow it's hard to sit though. On a positive note once you get the ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Sewing knits  November 24, 2012


Watching Meg teach this course was like having a tutor in my sewing room. She explained each step and the camera work made it easy to see what to do. Thanks for the class.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent I postphoned my plans to buy a serger  November 18, 2012


after I watched this class and sewed up some of the patterns.
I've sewn knits on my home machine before with less-than-great results, but with the help of clear elastic Megs patterns worked just great. Still holding their shape after several washes!

This is my only Craftsy class so far where I'm able to proceed with the project while watching/listening to the lesson. If Meg will teach another class, I'll définitely have a look at it!

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Too slow and boring  November 16, 2012


I took this class to get some tips on sewing with knits. I'm still looking for the tips because I'm finding this class too slow to sit through. She probably could have given the same information in half or less the time than she does here. I cannot recommend this class because I'm not enjoying it, although I have not asked for my money back -yet. On a positive note the teachers seems like a very nice person and I applaud her for trying on this class.
This is my first craftsy class. I'll ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Extremely Thrilled   November 15, 2012


Finally! A sewing pattern that is easy and really fits when your are finished sewing. So many times in commercial patterns there is always something that doesn't lay right when done sewing but Megs patterns are awesome. Even though the finished project is "just" a t-shirt, it fits so amazing that you feel pretty wearing it. The class is fun and Meg is a patient teacher. I have been sewing for a long time, but knits were always scary, NOT anymore. Highly recommend this class, it ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Good I felt ready to tackle much more  November 15, 2012

So Sew Easy

I enjoyed the course, and did learn a lot. I've taken more than 6 weeks to complete and have tried other knit projects in between the garments featured to practice my new skills.

Before the end of the course, I felt I was ready to tackle some more difficult projects and the dress at the end was rather too easy and was basically the same as the other projects. I suppose this means the course had been very successful for me and I had learned a lot, but now I am ready to take it ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Average Stick With It  November 13, 2012


As others have noted, I didn't really enjoy the instructor's teaching style. I almost did not complete the course because of it. I really had to force myself to sit through these lessons because I REALLY wanted to learn more about sewing with knits. And I'm glad I did. I think I've learned more in this course and have been more successful with the projects in this course than in any of my other sewing classes on Crafsy. Now I LOVE sewing with knits! For the plus-sized sewers, Meg's patterns ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Great class to learn to get good results with sewing knits  November 9, 2012

LittlePink kiwi

I'm an experienced sewer and have a lot of experience sewing knits but there were some things I couldn't get to look right, particularly hems. Meg has a wealth of knowledge and she shares some great techniques which make knit garments look very professional and I've had very pleasing results using her techniques. Her patterns, which come with the course, are excellent too. Meg's teaching style is slow paced but she's delightfully charming so be patient and you'll learn some valuable skills ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Highly recommended!  November 6, 2012


Love this course! Have got as far as the first pattern and have made loads of notes, the pace is fine just a lot of detail which is great and I know I am getting ALL the information I need and therefore great value for money! I am an experienced sewist, with my own business and am finding this course invaluable!

Reviewer Avatar

Good Excellent   October 31, 2012


I am 66 yrs old and have been sewing since I was 7 and was never really comfortable with knits. This is the first time I have even seen a sewing class that someone shared all their knowledge about knits....I have got as far as the Hoody pattern and looking forward to the rest. Think you for a wonderful class...and yes there were some areas that could have gone quicker but I enjoyed even the slower bits, It was like meeting a new friend..
Hugs, Janet

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Love the Patterns but...  October 30, 2012

Little Bettie

I love the patterns but the videos and the teaching was way to slow for me. I could hardly keep my eyes open to watch the videos they were so slow and boring. Also to much history and background on the fabric, I was finding myself wanting to hurry her along. Although that information is great, I think it could have been condensed.

Reviewer Avatar

Average A Few Good Tips.. but..  October 19, 2012


Way too much on background and history. I learned some good tips and I'm glad I took it, but the slow pace of the course left me pulling my hair out. A couple of thoughts: 1. The pattern neck is just way to wide to be a basic tee 2. Using dark colored fabrics made it difficult to see what she was doing. Clearly, Meg is talented. No doubt about that. Not sure teaching is her strength though. But again, I think a pared down version of just sewing with knits techniques, e.g., stitch ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Poor Watch the Sample Lessons  October 19, 2012


I'm sure Meg McElwee is a lovely lady and loads of fun in person, but I found her teaching style to be painfully slow and boring. Watch the previews to get a sense for whether or not you'll actually be able to sit through the lessons.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Good even for the experienced sewer  October 17, 2012


I am an experienced seamstress, but not with knits. This class is great for knit techniques and the projects are quick and satisfying. I have had my machine for years and years and never used the stretch stitch or a stretch needle or a double needle! Yay! Meg is pleasant to watch and to listen to. Highly recommend her class.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Informative and so much fun to watch  October 13, 2012


I've worked with so many knits through the years, and considered myself pretty well versed, but I took this course to learn even more. Meg offered so many tips and tricks that I never thought of, and demonstrated new skills I was a little nervous to try. I would recommend this course to sewists of all skill levels. Watching these videos was really enjoyable too...she's got a great teaching personality that keeps your attention.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent A new world of sewing has opened up for me ...  October 10, 2012


This class is outstanding & worth the cost. My fears of sewing with knits these last 47 yrs have vanished thanks to Meg. This class has opened up a new world of sewing for me. Meg explains everything in detail, starting at step one with the different types of knit fabrics available, how to find the grain in the knit fabric for pattern placement, what sewing notions to use with knits. From this point on explains the proper presser foot & what sewing machine stitch to use. Meg covers it ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Enthusiastic, charming and informative  October 6, 2012


Meg is a lovely young woman who loves what she does and it shows! She explains things well and demonstrates her skills, adding lots of handy hints. I look forward to making lots of knit garments using her patterns and suggestions.

Reviewer Avatar

Poor Boring!!!  October 6, 2012


I'm very sorry but I have never seen anything more boring than this online class. I think it's a waste of money, unless you are a complete dummy.
I have to give a rating, so it's just one.

Reviewer Avatar

Average Pattern printing  October 4, 2012

jan Marie

IYour classes have a lot of good information . My big complaint is printing the patterns. They are pdf and i find I have to print every page. That is about 98 pages and 20 of those pages have the big blue and orange logo of craftsy which I really don't need at all , but I think once would be enough. You can't copy pdf patterns into word. If I could I could delete all the extra stuff I don't need. I don't even know if you are the right person to complain about this . Do you know of any ...

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Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Great Class  September 26, 2012


I have a serger but there were times that I felt it would be easier to sew some knit seams on my sewing machine, yet I didn't know exactly how. Now I know! It was great to see Meg make outfit after outfit with just her sewing machine. I loved that there were so many patterns included with the class, and all of them appeal to me.
Meg is a very good instructor, I enjoyed her class very much.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent great class  September 26, 2012


I love this class. Detailed instructions, great patterns.
Looking foward part 2.
I am getting the Aurelia Cardigan from her website.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Sewing with knits  September 24, 2012


What a fantastic class!! Well presented by someone who obviously enjoys what she does. Thank you Meg. I am so looking forward to making some, if not all, your projects, but not for a little while. Please do another class in the future! Even my husband came and sat down next to me and watched a few of the segments and he thinks you are bonkers....in a nice way :-) Absolutely brilliant, not enough stars up there to rate your class!

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Csantiago  September 23, 2012


Meg was great! she explained everything in a step by step manor, taking my fear of sewing with knits and disolving them it to nothing.. . Really a likable and interesting instructor. thank you for offering such wonderful learning opportunities that in the past were impossible to fit into a busy working schedule. this is my second class within the craftsy community and once again you did not disapoint!! I wiil be back....

Reviewer Avatar

Okay Sewing knits  September 23, 2012


It was okay. Very basic & elementary.

Reviewer Avatar

Excellent Good Info!  September 23, 2012


This is a great class for anyone who is going to or has already sewn with knit fabric. Meg is very thorough and clear in her instructions and offers a number of good pointers and helps. I have previously sewn with knits and been successful, but I knew that there were areas where I could improve. Meg's suggestions of helpful notions and techniques will really improving my sewing. I also want to add that while I use my serger for sewing knits, I'm now not afraid of just sewing my knits on my ...

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Excellent Elizabeth  September 22, 2012


Very good class. I have been sewing since I was 14, but always stayed away from knits for various reasons. Now I have a granddaughter (age 4) who loves knit fabrics. It was time to learn, and this was a really good way. Thank you.

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Excellent VERY PLEASED with the instructions...  September 18, 2012


I have enjoyed this class so much! I learned a lot and look forward to sewing many garments using these tips and PATTERNS! Thank you!

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Excellent Knits made easy!  September 18, 2012


This was a great class loaded with information and great tips. I've been sewing for a long time but I learned a lot from this class. Its great for a beginner since the instruction is detailed and the video well shot. Its also inspirational for the advanced sewer to push themselves in new directions. I am putting aside my wovens for a while to have fun sewing every project in this class!

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Good HK Jane  September 14, 2012


I thoroughly enjoyed this class particularly as I've never used knits to sew with so there were new tips for me to pick up along the way and many pattern/design variations available for what Meg actually sewed. The video link on this kept crashing however Craftsy were in immediate contact once I had allerted them and suggested ways of getting around the problem. Now I've seen all the video and have bought my fabrics I will put all the tips to good use and hope to start work tomorrow!

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Excellent I love knits  September 9, 2012


I already had some experience with sewing with knits before I did this class but I still learned a lot of new tricks. So far I have only made the V-neck t-shirt, and although getting the V-neck correct was a bit more challenging than I had anticipated I am pleased with how it turned out and I am sure that I will wear it regularly. Meg explains everything very clearly and I can really recommend this class to people that want to learn how to sew with knits.

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Excellent Conquer Your Fear of Knits with Meg!  September 6, 2012


This class has opened up the world of knits to me. I am a advanced beginner who just got back into sewing a couple of years ago. My only experience ever has been on woven fabrics.

After watching this entire class and taking notes after note....I decided to check into my patterns and fabric stash and tackle a knit wrap dress on a fabric I purchased but really had never planned on the skills to be able to sew for years.

With this class I have conquered knits! Yes I am ...

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Excellent Great Class  September 3, 2012


I loved this class. I started sewing at a young age, but took a long break (probably 25 years!), so it has been a challenge trying to get my skills going again. Knits were not as popular back than and I never really learned how to work with them. I have learned so much in this class and the hoodie turned out great. Not just a finished project, but something I will actually wear. Also great to be introduced to the different products now available for sewers. Thanks so much for giving me the ...

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Excellent Meg n her knits   September 2, 2012


I Love the School House Tunic pattern. I want to buy three more patterns and a kit at Sewliberated. I loved the class and I love knits for me it's comfort and for my College age kids it's cool. Tunics and skinny jeans turned up and a pair of flip flops or tucked into boots, add a scarf and some hoop earrings its, hip mommy wear. Thanks for sharing your tips and patterns so we can make our knits look like yours. It was fun to watch and learn...................

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Excellent Loved it!  August 31, 2012

Kate McI

I have been afraid to sew with knits for years. Meg made it seem so easy, and it was! I made a beautiful long-sleeved v-neck t-shirt one evening, and yoga pants the next evening. Both of them fit great, and look more elegant than anything I could buy ready-made. I can't wait for Jo-Anns to open in the morning so I can buy more stretchy fabric. Thanks Meg!

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Excellent Great class!  August 27, 2012


I have been sewing since I was a young girl, but took a long break after I went back to work. This class was very helpful in using newer methods from the old days. Also, it was nice to learn about new items on the market, which I had never heard of. I do have a new sewing machine with all of the stitches mentioned, so that's a start, and I look forward to trying the patterns for my granddaughter.
I really enjoyed the class.
Thank you Meg, and thank you Craftsy for your great ...

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Excellent Highly Recommended  August 27, 2012


You get a lot of information from just the first two videos before she even gets into construction. Things I would not have gotten to if I had to read a book. I even learned about some features that I want in my next sewing machine. The only thing I don't like are the downloadable patterns - just my own personal preference. Meg E is personable, nice tone and inflection and this is an all around great class to take. You need not ever purchase another knit again!

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Excellent Love This Course!  August 27, 2012


I have loved every moment of this class. I learnt so much and Now have some really wearable and comfy pieces. Now I'm going to take a leap and make some more clothes using knit fabric.
I really can't recommend these crafty classes highly enough. They are really reasonably priced and choc full of great information.
I feel a lot more confident sewing.
Enjoy every moment of the sewing experience with Meg !

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Good Great Class.  August 26, 2012


I truly enjoyed the class. I learned so much about sewing with clear elastic and dyeing fabric! The versatility of your patterns is going to be such a time saver. Can't wait to get started. Thanks Meg!