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Excellent My all time favorite!!!  March 26, 2014


I think that this class has been outstanding and has motivated me to really try the techniques. I have worked hard and tried to make the project my own. I truly enjoyed watching and re-watching the segments to make sure I was getting things done right. Janet is a great teacher and very accessible.

Janet makes the class fun and not at all intimidating. She shows you every step of the way the how to and the places that might pose a problem. I loved her class. Highly recommend it. Most ...

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Excellent SUPER class - something for everyone!  March 24, 2014


Firstly, Janet is a HOOT! Her relaxed style and sense of humor immediately put me at ease and reminded me to enjoy myself! Secondly, the course is very organized but offers lots of options to embellish as comfortable. Many of Janet's tips and techniques I have taken to the serger and to the sewing machine. Janet has a series Galaxy Sewing or something to that effect. I truly hope she brings more of herself to Craftsy! Standing ovation on my end! Thanks Craftsy and Janet!

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Excellent Fun class  March 22, 2014


I am an intermediate "pin" sewer and actually had fun following Janet as she taught this class. Can't wait to make another jacket using the techniques she teaches.

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Excellent Love Love Love  February 22, 2014

Lizzy Beth

Janet Ray is an amazing instructor, and I hope she will offer more classes. It was the first time for me to make a welt pocket and a burrito cuff; very easy once I processed all the steps. And best of all, my husband loves the way my jacket looks on me.

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Excellent Great Class. Fabulous Jacket!  January 28, 2014

Catherine Goetz

As a Certified Islander Instructor, one might wonder why I would enroll in this class. I have taken many classes from many experts and I never tire of Janet's. She is by far the best sewing teacher I have ever had. And she always has something new to share. For my style of sewing, the techniques in this class are invaluable.

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Average Mixed Feelings  January 25, 2014

Katrina B

I waited several weeks after finishing this course and my jacket to write my review, just to see if my feelings would change, but they really haven't. This was an okay course, but not the huge revelation for me that so many other people seem to have enjoyed.
First, I did not love the jacket pattern. It's a decent start for a jean jacket, and the curved hem and collar are cute, but the fit is very boxy and shapeless. (Because it was part of the course, I followed the pattern, rather than ...

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Excellent Learned So Much  January 21, 2014


The video format was challenging to me, because the instructions are for the most part in the video. I had to go back to it again and again.

I learned so much and my jacket turned out beautifully.

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Excellent Excellent  January 17, 2014


This is an excellent class and I have learnt so much from it. Fast quick tips that really do work and make sewing so much quicker and easier.
Janet is so clear and precise with her instructions they are very easy to understand. Thank you, and also for the excellent pattern that is free with the class, I highly recommend it.

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Excellent thank you janet!  January 6, 2014


Great class, so worth the time and money! I learned so many new tips and tricks that are going to make my future sewing projects more efficient and professional. Also, a big thanks for adding the smaller size. I made the jacket for my mom and it fits perfect!

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Excellent Please Give Us More!  January 4, 2014


What a great class! I learned so much and Janet's style is just wonderful. Everything is very clear, well organized and it works! I would love to have Janet teach more classes with the Islander technique.

My sewing will never be the same. These techniques really re-energized my love of sewing as I was able to produce professional looking results.

Thank you, Janet, for giving me back the joy of sewing!

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Excellent Solved problems in addition to speed tips  December 17, 2013


Thank you for a well designed, well instructed class.
Your tips actually solved several problem areas for me (setting in sleeves) that I hadn't expected from this class.

I had given up topstitching but now will give it a go.

Excellent class - worth every penny!

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Excellent Excellent class! As good as Susan Khalje! Please teach more Craftsy courses!  December 8, 2013


Hi Janet,

Just wanted to say that I REALLY enjoyed this class!

Susan Khalje's couture sewing class here on Craftsy has been my favorite thus far, BUT you are now tied with her for BEST CLASS on Craftsy in my book!

I hope to see more classes from you where you demonstrate the techniques via a garment. I went to your IslanderSewing.com website and saw that you have a classic dress shirt pattern too!

Please consider teaching a 2nd Craftsy course using ...

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Excellent One of Craftsy's best classes  November 30, 2013


Great teacher, great contents, I wasn't sure about taking this class and I'm loving it!

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Excellent Excellent  November 28, 2013


Janet is clear, informative and fun to watch. She clearly demonstrates how to do everything. Excellent camera work. I think beginner sewers and even those with a cottage industry will learn something.

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Excellent Clear, informative, and organized  November 11, 2013


Janet Pray is an excellent instructor. She imparted information in a clear and organized matter. The pattern arrived quickly, which was great. I really enjoyed this class and feel that it was very worthwhile.

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Excellent Janet makes sewing fun again!  October 2, 2013


I don't usually leave comments, but in this case, Janet made me want to. Indirectly of course. Loved the way she has successfully applied the industrial techniques for home sewing which really does make home sewing fun. My late grandmother used to sew occasionally for a factory. She designs for them as well. So, I do know some of the industrial techniques, for instance sewing without pins. But only with this class I managed to pull it off nicely, with results that impressed even myself. I ...

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Excellent Sew Better, Sew Faster  September 3, 2013


I can't say enough about this class. I learned so many new tricks and techniques. Janet is a marvelous instructor and the camera work was spot on when I needed to stop to analyse the process. I can see using these tricks on future projects.
Thank you Janet and Craftsy for this wonderful class.

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Excellent Great Class!!!  August 5, 2013


I just wanted to say that I love Janet's class. She is a great teacher and Janet provides excellent advice throughout the process. Sewing without pins simply makes me very happy!! Now I am looking forward to making my jacket -- Marilyn

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Excellent I am in love with Janet's way of teaching.  August 4, 2013


I love the way Islander patterns came. With great instructions by video and the booklet. I would buy anything Janet wants to share.. I am a learner from seeing not so much reading, hence I am not a cook. I sewed the whole jacket without one pin. Also when I sewed in the past I didn't realize how important it was to hold the material a proper way.
The only criticism I have is I wish Janet showed how to do the cuffs in Burrito fashion a little slower. I could not perceive exactly what ...

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Good Disappointed, nothing new for me  July 29, 2013


I think Janet does a good job of teaching her techniques, but to me, there was zero new here. Just like Kenneth King's "Jean-ius" class; they both promise to reveal all kinds of insider secrets, and there was absolutely nothing in either class that I hadn't heard/done before. Extremely disappointing to me. Maybe I've been sewing so long that I've seen it all before? LOL!

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Excellent One of the Best Craftsy Classes  July 28, 2013


If I had to pick one word to describe this class, it would be "expert." These are sound techniques to both simplify your sewing and make it more professional. Janet Pray clearly knows her stuff, yet she doesn't come across as preachy. She explains and demonstrates things so well, you can't help but feel super confident in your own skills. (And isn't that what learning is about?) Although the class takes you through the construction of a specific garment, you can apply the skills ...

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Excellent I Love to Sew!  July 24, 2013


Janet, I love this class. I hope you will consider doing more. I've been sewing for 50+ years. I used to make all my suits, blouses, jackets and slacks. Achieving the beautiful results without using pins is unbelievable. I should be finished with my jacket this weekend. You made this such a fun and interesting class. Thank you.

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Excellent So many great tips!  July 20, 2013

Julia Scarlett

I learnt so much from this class. I have just finished my jacket which I made from some awful-to-work-with polyester jacket weight fabric. (Next time I will use something a bit more user friendly!) However, I still achieved an excellent result which fits well.
For me, the biggest revelation was learning to sew without pins; without pinning everything first and learning how the feed dog takes in fabric at a different speed to the foot, my seams were much neater and line up better than ever. ...

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Excellent Great Job Teaching, Janet!  July 15, 2013


This class was so informative. I hope you do more classes for Craftsy.
I love your teaching style. This class was a pleasure to watch. I learned something new in each lesson and feel like I can try to make the jacket which normally would have overwhelmed me.

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Excellent A really great class  July 5, 2013


I enjoyed this class very, very much, Not only because of the structured presentation of "best practices" (Which is really helpful! Even if you already know the tips, there are a lot of things to "re-learn" from another point of view!), but also because of this wonderful jacket and its straight forward construction, that let's you chafing at the bit to start sewing while waiting for your pattern... ;)

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Excellent This is a great class  July 4, 2013


I am so glad it took this class. I just finished watching all the lessons and I can't wait to start the jacket. I learned so much that will improve all my sewing, not just for this project. Highly recommended.

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Excellent If you think sewing takes too long... take this class!  July 3, 2013


I had not quite realized how long it took me pinning everything together before taking it to the sewing machine previous to this class. For certain, the pinning part is a wasteful step while the actual sewing part is the value added (if you look at it in a lean perspective). And the pros have had that down pact for quite some time.
This class made me realized that my setup was not optimal and that with the right tools, the quality of my work would increase.

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Excellent I love the technique of no pins  June 24, 2013


I recieved my pattern today,,i will keep watching the video for any tips i may have missed along the way.However i did begin a pattern i already have in denim fabric, and used a lot of the tips here,I shall post a photo when i am done making it.Thank you Janet for doing this video for all of us sewers/dress makers. :)

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Excellent Fantastic!  June 24, 2013


This is the best class ever! Seriously. Using the techniques I learned in this class, I made a dress last night, from start to finish, with NO pins, and only hand-stitched a single button. I never even needed to look at the instructions. It took me seven hours, from pre-shrinking, to hanging the finished garment in my closet. I'm not a fast sewer- usually it takes me a week of evenings to finish a similar project. I can hardly believe it! Thanks Janet, I hope you will teach another class ...

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Excellent Learned so much!  June 24, 2013


I have lots of videos of factory techniques, but none that compares to Janet's Craftsy class. I had a chambray shirt cut out when I signed up, so I used her techniques to sew it. It was so nice to be able to go back and replay the techniques as I went along. I am so proud of the way the shirt turned out. The shirt is so professional looking and by the end of the sewing I had mastered sewing with no (or just a couple of ) pins, needle-distance-away stitching and topstitching. I will need to ...

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Excellent Superb!  June 22, 2013


Probably the most substantive class I have taken anywhere in years. I enjoyed every minute of this class and would race to enroll in any future class Janet teaches.

I never saw anything like the collar and cuff techniques she demonstrates, and I am in awe of the apparent ease of her methods. But I am a bit nervous about my first attempt at doing the collar and cuffs!! I never had a burrito, and that may be why it looks so tricky to me... Kudos to Craftsy again, and to Janet!

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Excellent Absolutely Wonderful!  June 17, 2013


This is the best class I have taken so far, and I have purchased many, many classes on Craftsy and elsewhere. Janet is such a personable, warm person and I am very happy I am taking her class! I have learned so many little tricks already, and I am not even close to the end of the class. Thanks!!

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Excellent Fabulous tips and techniques!  June 16, 2013

Sunni Standing

This class is absolutely amazing. If you follow Janet's instructions, tips, techniques and advice, it will truly change the way you sew. The skills are absolutely priceless and for someone who is always looking for better, faster ways of sewing, I'm amazed at how simply life-changing the idea of sewing a jacket entirely without the use of pins is.

In addition to the excellent instruction, the jacket pattern - though I was a bit skeptical about it at first - is incredibly well ...

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Excellent Excellent class!  June 14, 2013


Although I have not received the pattern I jumped in and watched all the video lessons. Janet gives clear and concise instructions each step of the way throughout the video. I learned a lot of great tips and can't wait for my pattern to arrive so that I can get going on this jacket. Loved the class. Thank you Janet and Craftsy for a great class.

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Good Informative class!  June 8, 2013


I enjoyed this class. An experienced seamstress with loads of tips and easy to follow instructions led this class and even an old seasoned veteran at the sewing machine (me) learned some new tricks! Thanks!

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Excellent Excellent tips, instruction, voice, volume, pace, contrast color fabric and delivery.   June 3, 2013


Finish my preview of this class and already apply some knowledge acquired. I knew some of my projects had something off but could not identify what was it. After viewing this class only once I immediately went to fix one of my UFO projects. Can not t wait to study this class again. I will be sewing more with less mistakes.

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Excellent Awesome!!!  June 2, 2013


I havent watched it all yet but so far its fantastic!! Its alot to take in, So I will have to watch it at least 3 times before I attempt this jacket! Must Buy this class!!!!

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Excellent Excellent Professional Techniques  May 30, 2013


This class teaches you how to sew without pins - even on collars and has tips for the beginner to professional sewer. Janet gives very good advice to those who want to set up shop as well as the home sewer (me) who just wants to learn professional techniques, I learned how to sew without pins using her Islander technique in just two tries and will sew like this from now on. You sew with only a 1/4" or 3/8" seam allowance.

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Excellent From a Craftsy "junkie"  May 29, 2013


I LOVED the class. I may watch it again before I give the whole jacket a try, but already I know I love the no pins method. So many great tips. I already have all of the pressing tools, except for the pressing stick, and the commercial iron, of course. The tips and methods can be translated to all of my sewing, so a very valuable course.