precut fabric measurement guide

Pre-Cuts: Everything You Need To Know For Successful Quilting

Download this guide, which includes standard pre-cut measurements, for free today on Craftsy!

How to Finish Your Quilts in Style

How to Finish Your Quilts in Style

Give all your quilts the flawless finish they deserve! This FREE guide includes tutorials for achieving beautiful borders, binding and much more.

Essential Guide to Quilt Cleaning and Care

Essential Guide to Quilt Cleaning and Care

You put so much effort into your quilts ?? now you can ensure they last for a lifetime! Download this FREE guide today, and learn how to care for and clean your projects to keep them in tip-top shape.

genius hacks every quilter should know

Genius Hacks Every Quilter Should Know

Learn fast & friendly quilting techniques to take your projects to the next level with this FREE downloadable, printable guide!

scrap quilting quide

Save Those Scraps!

This scrap quilting handbook is chock full of creative ideas for putting that scrap fabric to good use!

Don't Fear Free-Motion Quilting

Don't Fear Free-Motion Quilting

Conquer your free-motion fear with this free, downloadable guide! Discover how to quilt on your home machine, troubleshoot common issues and achieve beautiful results.

metric conversion guide

Quilting Fabric Metric Conversion Guide

This handy metric conversion guide will help you to convert fabric measurements, seam allowances and more.

royal icing recipe

Quilting Articles

Craftsy's got the DIY, how to, and informational articles you need when you are learning quilting, & advancing your quilting techniques.

quilting blog posts

The Craftsy Quilting Blog

From eye-catching patterns to time-saving tutorials and new techniques, enjoy endless quilting fun on the Craftsy Quilting Blog daily.

project planner workshet

Crafty Project Planner Worksheet

Preparing for all your creative ventures is easy with a free printable project planning worksheet. Outline notes, supplies, project names and more!

printable to do list

To-Do List

Organize your weekly schedule, avoid forgetting important tasks and prioritize essential items with a fun (free!) printable weekly to-do list!

handmade clothing care tag

Handmade Clothing Care Tag

Try out these charming clothing care instruction tags to ensure your loveliest handcrafted items are handled properly.

gift tag

"Handmade with Love" Gift Tags

Print out these sweet personalized gift tags to add that extra heartwarming touch to all your treasured homemade projects and gifts!