what should i draw

What Should I Draw?

Don't let yourself get stuck in a creative rut! Use these 140 drawing prompts to explore new subject matter and spark fresh ideas for one-of-a-kind art.

different art mediums

Top Techniques for 4 Out-of-the-Ordinary Art Mediums

Discover 15+ techniques and tips for working with unusual art mediums! Learn how to bring new interest and excitement to your art with watercolor pencils, paint pens, watercolor sticks and crayons.

crosshatching in art

Crosshatching in Art: Add Value & Texture With Simple Lines

Improve your knowledge of crosshatching techniques to add value, texture and three-dimensionality to your drawings.

free adult coloring book

Color Your Heart Out! The Craftsy Adult Coloring Book

Say no to stress! Decompress with this free, Craftsy-exclusive adult coloring book you can download, print and enjoy any time.

how to draw a face

Drawing a Face: A Primer

This guide covers facial proportions, proper placement of features, accurately portraying eyes and lips, and incorporating shape and value into hair.

perspective drawing eguide

How to Draw with Perspective

Advance your drawing skills for stunning results you'll be proud to show off! Download Craftsy's eGuide on How to Draw With Perspective.

drawing the human body eguide

Drawing the Human Body: A Primer

Unlock your potential, as you learn how to draw the human body in stunning realism for gallery-worthy figure drawings with this FREE drawing eGuide!

illustration basics

Ready, Set Draw! Illustration Basics for Beginners

Download Craftsy's illustration for beginners PDF eGuide featuring easy-to-follow illustrations tutorials and must-know tips for picture book-worthy drawings.

drawing water eguide

Secrets to Creating Realistic Waterscapes in Mixed Media

Download the FREE Craftsy mixed media PDF eGuide and learn how to draw realistic water scenes, from crashing waves to water drops, so you can render your own stunning works of art!

how to make botanical illustrations

Creating Flowers in Mixed Media: 5 Botanical Illustration Tutorials

Download Craftsy's free collection of botanical illustration tutorials and learn to create your own incredible bouquet of mixed media works!

learn how to draw animals

Learn How to Draw Animals

Download Craftsy's free PDF eGuide, featuring tutorials on how to draw animals for incredibly realistic works!

Coloring With Copic Markers

Coloring With Copic Markers: 5 Fast and Fun Tutorials

Get the most from your Copics with essential techniques and tips with this free guide! Stay up to date on the latest paper crafts trends as you master a stylish watercolor look with your markers.

the craftsy drawing blog

The Craftsy Drawing Blog

Learn essential drawing techniques on the Craftsy Drawing Blog today.

printable to do list

To-Do List

Organize your weekly schedule, avoid forgetting important tasks and prioritize essential items with a fun (free!) printable weekly to-do list!

project planner worksheet

Crafty Project Planner Worksheet

Preparing for all your creative ventures is easy with a free printable project planning worksheet. Outline notes, supplies, project names and more!