cooking metric conversion guide

Metric Conversion Guide

Use this handy conversion guide to convert measurements, temperature and more.

cake pricing guide

How Much Should I Charge? A Cake Pricing Guide

Feel empowered to price your cakes competitively! Download this free guide and discover eight helpful tips for pricing cakes that keep customers happy and business booming.

bakery name generator

Bakery Name Generator

The most important part of starting your cake decorating business? It might be the name! Download the FREE Bakery Name Generator today.

bakery name generator

Cute Holiday Cake Pops: 10 Step-by-Step Tutorials

Download the Cute Holiday Cake Pops guide today and be the hostess with the mostess at all of your holiday parties this year!

fondant tutorials

Fabulous Fondant Topper Tutorials

Download Craftsy's free bundle of 5 Fabulous Fondant Topper Tutorials taught by cake shop owner and decorating expert Lesley Wright.

buttercream decorating tips and tricks

Not-So-Basic Buttercream Decorating Ideas

Get creative with buttercream! Download Craftsy's exclusive cake decorating PDF eGuide to discover tips, tricks and recipes for incredible frosted cake flavors and designs.

royal icing techniques for sugar cookies

Royal Icing Techniques For Sugar Cookies

Use royal icing to create the most beautiful sugar cookies around! Find out how with the 6 tutorials in this free, Craftsy-exclusive guide.

ultimate chocolate baking guide

Death by Chocolate: The Ultimate Chocolate Baking Guide

Create a slew of decadent chocolate desserts (and drinks!) with the FREE Guide!

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The Craftsy Cake Decorating Blog

Discover the breathtaking techniques, delectable recipes and decorating essentials that will make your cakes stand out from the crowd!

cake decorating articles

Cake Decorating Articles

Craftsy's got the DIY, how to, and informational articles you need when you are learning cake decorating, & advancing your cake decorating techniques.

cake decorating recipes

Cake Decorating Recipes

Get free recipes for royal icing, gum paste, marshmallow fondant, buttercream and more - all from profressional cake decorators.

homemade food gift tags

Homemade Food Gift Tags

These free printable labels are the perfect tag for putting the finishing touch on all of your edible gifts!

recipe cards

Homemade Recipe Cards

Keep favorite recipes at the ready! Download and print this free recipe card template to easily record and store your best handcrafted dishes.