Simple Quilting Patterns

Simple Quilting Patterns

Have fun with simple quilting patterns that will deliver fabulous results! Find your next project now.

Beginner Quilting Classes

Creating fascinating, flawless quilts is easier than you think! Learn quilting basics from experienced instructors as they demonstrate quilting skills step-by-step. Start machine quilting today and finish your quilts at home!

Stitchin? for the Kitchen: 6 Fun Kitchen Quilt Patterns

Quilts for the kitchen add a special charm and homemade feel to the most-used room in the house. Have fun browsing this roundup of quilt designs perfect for kitchens!

Fast & Friendly Quilting

Create intricate quilts fast! Learn how to quilt quickly with easy time-saving quilting techniques for creating beautiful family heirlooms. Pick up the pace alongside these pros!