Free Motion Quilting

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Free Motion Quilting Classes

Overcome your fears with ease! Have fun with feathers and other fillers in online free-motion quilting classes taught by the world's most beloved instructors.

New York Roundabout by pd13jd
My first feathers by smurphy747
#playfulpiecing Star and Points Spinning by MORMOR

Free-Motion Quilting With Feathers

Angela Walters


Fun, easy and versatile quilted feathers! Join Angela Walters in her comprehensive class to add a host of options to your machine-quilting toolbox.

Free Motion Quilting a Sampler Quilt by Leah Day
Free Motion Freedom by Denise S
Free Motion 2012 BOM by Dr. April

Free Motion Quilting a Sampler

Leah Day

Your unfinished quilt tops are calling you. Become the confident quilter you long to be with Leah Day and Free Motion Quilting a Sampler! See more

Too Much FMQ Fun! by Darns
5o Free Motion Fillers-A Beginner's Tale by Handiwork
Free Motion Filler Quilt by gfbquilte2801037

Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 1

Leah Day


Give 50 free-motion filler designs a whirl with instructor Leah Day in this in-depth quilting class. Stitch each design to create an impressive and unique quilt.

Owl Baby Quilt by KGapud
Drawing Practice by Ralitza
Feeling Festive by AdrianneNZ

Machine Quilting Negative Space

Angela Walters


Turn your quilt's negative space into positively fabulous designs! Angela shows how to complement pieced sections with motifs and texture.

Fun Fill Designs by Lori  Kennedy
Create a Design Notebook by Lori  Kennedy
Jazz's Quilt by Brenda Crisci

Creative Free-Motion Techniques

Lori Kennedy


Doodle your way to confidently quilting 25+ new free-motion motifs, including flowers, leaves, stars, trees and more. See more

Jelly roll quilt by cedrat
October 2015 FMQ Challenge by Karin V.
Creative Quilting Motifs by Lori  Kennedy

Divide & Conquer: Creative Quilting for Any Space

Lori Kennedy

Learn the techniques to conquer any space, and create beautiful motifs to enhance all of your future projects! "The Inbox Jaunt" blogger Lori Kennedy reveals her best tips and tricks.

Free Motion Projects

See beautiful quilt tops, bags and more with fascinating patterns by fellow quilters. Plus, share your latest projects!

Free Motion Quilted


Free Motion Practice

by Mommessy

Free Motion 2012 BOM

by Dr. April

Free motion lap quilt

by lornajd3875089

Free Motion Quilting

by joy.clark

Free Motion Quilting Articles

Discover essential free-motion quilting supplies, basic techniques and more with tutorials from top experts.

Free Motion Quilting Supplies

Discover the best free-motion quilting supplies, from needles to sewing machine feet, and settings for your machine.

Free Motion Quilting: An Overview

Have fun with design! Learn about free motion quilting: what you'll need and how to do it.

See It In Action: Free Motion Quilting Video

Picture yourself free-motion quilting with more precision than ever before. We've got video tips from expert quilters to help you quilt with ease!