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Quilt Design Classes

Create marvelous movement, incredible color combinations, inspired designs, and more in your quilts, with online quilting design classes taught by world-renowned experts.

Design It, Quilt It

Cindy Needham



Design It, Quilt It

Cindy Needham

Pull out those unfinished objects! Cindy Needham will inspire you with stitching techniques to put gorgeous finishing touches on your work ... See more

Student Projects from this class

Satin Sample

Satin Sample

by Thread Head

Shakespeare  by mjcook
Palm Springs by Moberme
A Modern Quilt by Groovyiaia

Designing Modern Quilts

Weeks Ringle


Gain fresh perspectives on color, prints, patterns and modern quilt construction with Weeks Ringle of Modern Quilt Studio.

ColourPlay by QuiltzbytheSea
Into the light by Jade65
The Upward Trend by KChristine

Color Play for Quilters

Joen Wolfrom


Learn how prize-winning quilters and top fabric designers create beautiful color combinations, movement, depth and luminosity through fabric.

Quilt Design Articles

From traditional to modern designs, read along as our experts take you deep into the history of quilting while highlighting today's trends.

Modern Quilting Blocks

Learn about the characteristics of modern blocks. Then have fun making your own with these design suggestions!

Quilt Shop Map

Find & support your local quilt shop by searching for a location near you - right here on this map of indie shops!

Machine Appliqué: Time-Saving Techniques for Embellishment

Embellish your quilts with machine appliqué designs in a fraction of the time it takes to appliqué by hand.

Quilt Design Projects

Designer bag!

by Formilrock

Sketching Designs

by Curlyque Sue