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We're so glad you want to sell your patterns on Craftsy. We support indie designers and never ever ever charge a fee or take a commission when you list/sell your designs. After all, they're your patterns, and your sales, so we think it should be your money, too.

Before you get started, we'd like to give you a heads up about what you'll need to list your patterns. We also thought we'd give you some helpful hints about how to make your listing look great.

Be Prepared.

In order to list your pattern, you'll need the following:

A PayPal Account

There are various types of PayPal accounts. Each type has a different fee structure, and some limit how much money you can receive per month. Keep in mind, those fees are PayPal fees; not ours. (If it were up to us, it wouldn't cost you a thing.) Check out the various PayPal account types here and make sure you have your account info on hand, as we'll need it in order to complete your listing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need a PayPal Premier, Student or Business account to sell patterns on Craftsy (these accounts are all free to set up through PayPal). We require this so that you can accept credit card payments from pattern buyers.

Your pattern in .pdf file format

The standard format for patterns on Craftsy is .pdf. So whether yours is a Word doc, a JPG, or another document format, please convert it to PDF before you continue. For Machine Embroidery patterns, we do support the following additional file formats to be uploaded in a .zip file: .pec, .sew, .jef, .hus, .pes, .art, .vip.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have multiple .pdf files, you can add them to a .zip file and upload the zip file.


You'll need at least one photo, and no more than five. See our tips section for some helpful hints about what kind of photos you should use.

Pattern Description

We're going to ask you some basics about your design (such as sizing & materials). Have those on hand, as we need them to complete your listings. You will also need to write a basic description paragraph about your pattern. But, like the photos, we've got some helpful tips to help you write a great description.

Read our tips to make your listing awesome (aka Pattern Marketing 101) »

Still have questions? Read our Patterns FAQs »

Have questions about listing your design? Email us at patterns@craftsy.com; we'd love to give you a hand!

Ready. Set. Go!