Witchy Toes

from Trillium Design

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apiercer21029058 on craftsy.com
apiercer21029058  November 14, 2012 0:49 PM
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I'm a Halloween fan especially Witches. Thank you! A friend and I just had to make a block of these!

Megan Boos on craftsy.com
Megan Boos  October 28, 2012 0:21 PM
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Me either???

Quilt Angel on craftsy.com
Quilt Angel  October 28, 2012 0:26 PM
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Am I missing something. After downloading and printing out 'Witchy Toes' I do not find a master showing how to assemble the pieces nor is there a guide as to color placement. I have no idea what each foundation piece will be which when piecing. Is there a Master available? Some of them I can figure out, others, it's anyones guess.

Megan Boos on craftsy.com
Megan Boos  October 28, 2012 0:28 PM
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I found it. Look right below the picture.

Trillium Design on craftsy.com
Trillium Design  October 28, 2012 6:22 PM
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You have to go to the blog post which is linked directly below the image for further instructions. Unfortunately, Craftsy doesn't allow me to upload more than 1 pdf file.

Witchy Toes Pattern