Newborn Baby-Bear Hat

from Beezy Mom's Creations

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Luis Vargas on
Luis Vargas  January 10, 2014 0:45 PM
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Sisterbelle06 on
Sisterbelle06  October 9, 2013 0:02 PM
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This is definitely a cute pattern and easy to do. However, your picture accompanying the instructions for the EARS do NOT show what the directions tell to do. Anyone who knits knows that to get a ribbed pattern (as shown in the picture for the ears), you have to Knit on the Knits and Purl on the Purls. When you have an EVEN number of stitches, there's no problem with saying "Rows 104: K1, P1." However, your instructions say to cast on 17 stitches and then to K1,P1. You most definitely will NOT get a ribbed pattern, as shown, with those directions. This could very easily be confusing to someone who is not familiar with knitting and who only wants what she is doing to match the picture. But it is a cute pattern.

Newborn Baby-Bear Hat Pattern