Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Paintings

See how other students are working wet into wet, blending washes and more by exploring their latest works of art.

#AboutFace I Wonder

by susanwalshharper

Old home place

by Robin Martin Parrish

Different watercolors

by Cedric Andresz

Creating a Watercolor

by Kelly Mills

Watercolor References

Beginner's Guide to the World of Watercolor

Download Craftsy's Beginner's Guide to the World of Watercolor, which covers everything you need to know to start painting with watercolors today, from building a color palette to manipulating color transparency and more.

Watercolor Painting Classes

Find out how to use watercolors to create amazing still lifes, portraits and more with guidance from world-renowned artists in online classes you can enjoy from the convenience of your home.

Watercolor Flower Bouquet

Mary Murphy



Paint a vibrant floral still life with essential skills that will transfer to every watercolor work you create!

Student Projects from this class

Layering Colors

Layering Colors

by Mary P. Murphy

Fresh Peonies

Fresh Peonies

by Mary P. Murphy

Sketch-Selfportrait by lmfr
MR. SAX MAN by Calvathea3860134
Dad by patterson3125254

Painting Realistic Watercolors

Mario Robinson


Learn watercolor techniques used by the masters! Advance your painting skills and create dynamic, realistic watercolors like never before.

Tonal Study by Matt Rota
Twin Peaks by Matt Rota
Finishing Details by Matt Rota

Portraits in Watercolor

Matt Rota


Develop confidence and spontaneity with watercolor as artist Matt Rota guides you in detail through the process of watercolor portraiture.

Watercolor Blog Posts

From tips for realistic watercolor portraits to roundups of the best watercolor artists, find the watercolor painting advice you need directly from the experts.

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