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Tote Bag by Vicki Square
Lattice Scarf by Vicki Square
Triangle Scarf by Vicki Square

Adventures in Garter Stitch

Vicki Square


Create sophisticated results using just one simple stitch! Unlock the power of garter stitch as you knit three gorgeous accessories sure to become wardrobe staples.

Long Sands Cardigan by krebinette
Seaming Different Colors by Chris Bylsma
Reynolds Saucy Sport Lace Tee by Love2stitchery

Seaming Handknits

Chris Bylsma


Seaming Handknits

Chris Bylsma

Learn to stitch up your seams with expert ease as instructor Chris Bylsma teaches you the secrets to seaming handknits! 

Pretty Selvages by Sally Melville
Picking Up Stitches by Sally Melville
Simple Seaming by Sally Melville

Essential Techniques Every Knitter Should Know

Sally Melville

Become a more informed, confident and proficient knitter. Discover what techniques to use when, how to execute them perfectly and why they're the best choice.

Spring Shrug by Miss Cara
BSJ to improve continental knitting by Bonheur
Knitter's Magazine: Shirttails by Patty Lyons

Improve Your Knitting

Patty Lyons


Improve Your Knitting

Patty Lyons

Make your knitting more efficient, comfortable and beautiful as you master six valuable methods and styles. See more

Knitting Technique Patterns

If you're ready to to put new skills Find the perfect pattern for your next knitting endeavour.

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Knitting Technique Articles

Eager to learn more? Jump right on into these knitting technique how-tos!

Take It From The Top: Top Down Knitting

Explore top down knitting and find out why it might be the best technique for your next project.

Japanese Knitting Technique

Discover the Japanese short row technique, similar to a wrap but executed a different way.

The Armenian Knitting Technique for Stranded Knitting

Learn the popular Armenian technique for regularly tacking your non-working yarn to your piece as you go.

Knitting Projects

See what skills Craftsy members are using to create their latest projects. And if you see an unfamiliar technique that looks appealing . . . there's a Craftsy class for it!

Knitting Technique Blog Posts

Create phenomenal fabric with insider insight into the latest techniques and how to make them work for you.

Get Gorgeous Reversible Edges With This Chinese Waitress Cast-On Tutorial

Step outside the comfort zone of your tried-and-true cast-on technique in favor of this new, versatile style. The Chinese Waitress Cast-On is has ...

Tired of the Simple Stockinette Stitch? Update It With the Knot Stitch!

Try your hand at a new technique that puts a fun, textured spin on the tried-and-true stockinette stitch. Follow along with the photo tutorial, then ...

Hole-y Moley! You’re Going to Love These 8 Openwork Knitted Scarf Patterns

Want to save time and yarn without sacrificing style? Openwork is the answer! These airy scarves incorporate holes, using negative space to add ...