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Alluring handmade jewelry awaits! Learn to create an endless array of exquisite accessories alongside distinguished jewelry designers.

Metalsmithing at Home

Kate Richbourg



Metalsmithing at Home

Kate Richbourg

Solder rings, bracelets and earrings in Metalsmithing at Home with accomplished metalsmith Kate Richbourg. See more

Student Projects from this class

Ten Bead Turquoise

Ten Bead Turquoise


Hammered copper bracelet

Hammered copper bracelet

by djmiller41071548

Stone setting practice by sterling4d179619
Double Leaf Fine Silver Shawl Pin by Jenny Vestal
Initial Pendant in Fine Silver by Jenny Vestal

Torch-Fired Precious Metal Clay

Jenny Vestal


Create one-of-a-kind jewelry thatís uniquely you! Use stunning precious metal clay to make affordable silver pendants, earrings, buttons and more!

Watermelon tourmaline by AgaDesigns
Hoop earrings in gold by AgaDesigns
Burbujas by Analia

Wire-Wrapped Stones, Crystals & Clusters

Aga Kruk

Learn wire-wrapping methods to make seven sophisticated jewelry projects! Create beautiful earrings, necklaces and pendants to complement your wardrobe.

Jewelry Making Patterns

Browse an ever-expanding collection of dazzling jewelry patterns for inspiration or your next project!

Bead Loom Pattern #01

by SerafinaExclusive

Square Cab Ring

by Eni Oken

Find inspiration in the projects that other jewelry-making students have posted, and then share your own wonderful work!

Jewelry Making Blog Posts

Uncover inspiration for your next jewelry project, cool patterns, and hot trends!

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How to Crimp, A Basic Jewelry Making Skill

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