Tracy Jacobs
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Tracy Jacobs discovered her love for mixed media when she was studying for her MFA in Painting at the University of Maryland. She works in a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, and her art has been exhibited regionally and nationally. She loves the creative freedom of working with multiple materials and is thrilled to share this exciting art form with Craftsy students!

Tracy's Craftsy Classes


Mixed Media Essentials: Color, Design & Texture

Discover the no-rules approach to creativity as artist Tracy Jacobs guides you through essential mixed-media art techniques. Start the class with a black-and-white composition, and explore pencil, pen and ink techniques to create bold textures. Find out how to mix stunning shades of a single hue as you progress to a monochromatic work, and experiment with rubber stamps, paint washes and markers for eye-catching designs. Dive into basic color theory with your final project and learn how to select a captivating, cohesive color scheme. Play with stickers, stippling and collaging to complete your third composition with vibrant style. In just one class, you'll finish three beautiful pieces you'll be proud to hang in your home!

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Tracy's Projects

Achromatic Chair
Monochromatic Chair
Polychromatic Chair
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