Stephanie Flynn Sokolov
Craftsy Instructor

Boulder, CO

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Working with fiber and fabric from a young age, I continue to explore the infinite possibilities that exist while being Craftsy. I spin, weave and knit on a daily basis and felt and dye as the spirit moves me.

Stephanie's Craftsy Classes

Pickup Stick & Finger Control Techniques

Move beyond plain weave and explore patterns using finger-controlled techniques and a pickup stick. Join accessory designer and author Stephanie Flynn Sokolov as she shares tips and tricks for using these techniques to create subtle accents or elevate an entire project. Enjoy step-by-step instruction as Stephanie demonstrates how to weave Danish medallions and Spanish lace. Learn to create tapestry-like effects with picked-up loops, Ghiordes knots and weft floats. Then, experiment with weft and warp floats, both separately and collectively. Finally, discover how all of these weave patterns work together, and create fun decorative design touches you can incorporate into any project. Enjoy lifetime access to a weaving reference guide you’ll return to again and again!

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Stephanie's Projects

Ghiordes Knot
Brooks Bouquet
Ladder Hemstitch & Cheater Version
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