Sharlena Wood
Craftsy Instructor

Toronto, Canada

Sharlena is a visual artist and art educator whose work has been published, commissioned and privately collected. Her “Endangered Animals” series has recently been featured by the David Suzuki Foundation. In 2004, Sharlena developed an art school for Curry's Art Supplies in Toronto. She went on to work at TriArt Acrylics, where she was an art products specialist and educator, lecturing and presenting at art trade shows throughout the US and ... Read Full Bio »

Sharlena's Craftsy Classes


Drawing Wild Animals

Learn how to draw wild animals with dramatic detail and dynamic depth alongside artist Sharlena Wood. You'll get step-by-step guidance for depicting three beloved animals in black and white: the elephant, the panda and the leopard. Throughout class, Sharlena will teach you to work with PanPastel and charcoal — mediums that make vivid animal portraits easier and faster to draw. Start by blocking in your animal's main shapes and get tips for drawing them with accurate form and proportion. Move on to rendering value shifts with confidence to create drawings with remarkable dimension. Then, bring your work to life as you find out how to accurately draw animal skin, fur, spots, eyes and more. Discover new techniques and mediums as you draw powerful portraits of these amazing animals.


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Painting Wildlife: Acrylic & Mixed Media

Paint vivid, lifelike animals as award-winning artist Sharlena Wood guides you through a variety of accessible acrylic, charcoal and pastel techniques. Discover how to render accurate proportions, build dimensional form and convey drama as you create your own unique wildlife images. Learn to depict distinctive fur and feather textures using wet and dry media, and enhance your work with luminous highlights. Integrate textural medium with delicate acrylic washes for captivating contrast, and bring expressive energy to your creations with Sharlena’s tips for painting realistic animal eyes and features. Bring the power and excitement of wildlife to your easel with essential mixed media skills!

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What's New

SPIRIT QUEST is hot off the press! A book I co-authored (illustrated)! "Poems by Bob MacKenzie and paintings and charcoal drawings by Sharlena Wood explore the spiritual experience of being among Canada's Rocky Mountains and other western mountain ranges". AVAILABLE ON AMAZON -

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Amur Leopard Project + Variations
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Colourful Elephant Demo
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