Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
Craftsy Instructor

Seattle, WA

Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby is the co-founder of Shibaguyz Designz, a versatile design company that uses unique flair to combine fashion design, knitting, crochet, photography and graphic design into a cohesive whole. He takes his instruction all over the country, selling out classes along the way and building a following of happy students. You can find Shannon's designs in countless magazines such as Crochet! and Knitting Today, or in one of his ... Read Full Bio »

Shannon's Craftsy Classes


Crochet Technique Toolkit

Get set up for crochet success at every step! Join designer and returning Craftsy instructor Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby to learn handy crochet techniques every crocheter should have in their toolkit. During class, Shannon will teach you how to cast on into a chain or in the round without leaving a knot in your work. With cast-ons covered, you'll see how to set the stage for fabulous projects using swatching skills and simple math. Then, you'll learn to create foundation stitches that bring a tidy edge to any project, before Shannon breaks down well-executed decreases step by step. When you move on, you'll discover great methods for adding new yarn at any point in your project, and Shannon will show you how to join crocheted pieces with clean, easy seaming. Plus, with lifetime access to your lessons, you can return to this fantastic resource of techniques whenever you need!

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Quick & Easy Crochet Cables

Are you ready for a new twist in your crochet? Join designer Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby in this exciting mini-class, and work your way step by step through a spectrum of stunning cables, from simple, elegant post stitches to weaving wonders. Shannon will cover everything you need to know in a focused framework that’s perfect for the busy schedule. Along the way, you’ll get insider tips and tricks for tight stitches, simplifying stitch charts and more. Practice on a fun, fold-over clutch during class, and use these approachable tips to spice up the style and texture of all your future crochet projects!

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What's New

Hey there Craftsy folks! I am SO excited to announce that I now have TWO crochet classes here on Craftsy. WOOHOO!! Check 'em out and get in on the fun. Here are the links: Crochet Technique Toolkit - This is all of my favorite crochet techniques all in one reference class. Check out the introduction video. You won't believe how much FAB info we packed into this one class? crocheters of every skill level will definitely find tons of useful ORIGINAL crochet techniques and skill in this class. Crochet Cables - I LOVE crochet cables and this project class takes all of my techniques for creating amazing crochet cables and puts them into one project. From beginner cables to advance twists and turns? I cover ALL of them in this one class so you can learn them step-by-step at your own pace.

Shannon's Patterns

Knitted Lace Blocked Tunic -Sized S-5X


Knitted Drape Front Cardi S-5X


Knitted Cabled Pullover - Size S-5X

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Shannon's Projects

Smooth Decreases
Seaming With Locking Mattress Stitch
Blanket Scarf Variation
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