Miriam Felton
Craftsy Instructor

Salt Lake City, UT

I started sewing when I was a toddler on one of those drilled out boards where you use a shoelace and sew the outline of a fish or a duck. Once I could wield scissors I started sewing dresses for my dolls. I added crochet when I was 8, cross stitching when I was 10, beading at 11, and knitting at 16. And I started binding books in college.

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Lace Shawl Design

Designer Miriam Felton shares her methodology and design templates, walking you through every consideration for shawls, from inspiration to planning, construction and beyond. This technique-based course will give you an intimate look at a lace master's mind, showing you how to develop your own design process. Design shawls as simple or complex as you desire, and receive help from Miriam along the way. Get your pencils ready and chart your own path in Lace Shawl Design.


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Broadwyn Shawl


Rivel Cardigan


Vinca Shawl

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Extended Short
Pebbles Dress
Brown 3/4 Tee
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