Marilyn York Reames
Craftsy Instructor

Marilyn York Reames has been teaching embroidery software for almost 20 years. She is a national educator for Floriani Embroidery, and her software expertise spans many brands. Marilyn loves showing students of every level how to create effective embroidery designs that lead to consistent, beautiful results.

Marilyn's Craftsy Classes


Elements of Design Editing

Take any embroidery design from good to great with embroidery software expert Marilyn York Reames as your guide! Learn the most common culprits of poorly stitched embroidery and dive into editing tools to transform almost-perfect designs into digitized masterpieces. Learn to resize without losing stitch quality, manipulate stitch sequences and change fills to add texture to any design. Delve into design splitting to isolate desirable elements, then learn to manipulate them to create an adorable border. Find out how to remove and replace design elements to suit your personal style and why and how to add underlays to your designs for pucker-free embroidery. Learn to evaluate and edit embroidery designs to unlock unlimited creative possibilities!

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Holiday FSL Ornaments
Ladybug & Flower designs
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