Marilee Rockley
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Milwaukee, WI USA

Marilee Rockley has been a driving force in modern tatting. Her designs, which have appeared in various magazines as well as her book Tatted Jewelry, make this Victorian art accessible to modern tastes. As a go-to source of information about tatting history and methodology, Marilee is on the forefront of the tatting revival. She also dyes her own tatting threads, so that she can control color and create visual interest that can't be found ... Read Full Bio »

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Next Steps in Shuttle Tatting

Improve your tatting and expand your stylistic possibilities! Join designer Marilee Rockley, and learn innovative new techniques you can apply for better, more beautiful tatting. During class, you’ll learn fresh, creative ways to use core threads, work multiple new rings like picots, join your elements and add beads to your work. To help you conquer each technique, Marilee will guide you step-by-step through the seven patterns included in class: the Shell Pendant, the Daisy Picot Pendant, the Maltese Ring Pendant, the Glorious Blossom Pendant, the Meander Bracelet, the Encapsulation Necklace and the Celtic Triangle Pendant. Plus, you'll learn how to create timeless classics like picots, pearl tatting and Celtic tatting that will take your tatted jewelry and detailing to a whole new level!

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Shuttle Tatting

If you've been longing to learn shuttle tatting, or looking for a new craft that's fun, inexpensive and portable, this is the class for you. Marilee's warm and expert instruction will guide you through the tricky parts and send you on your way to creating lacy jewelry and tatted embellishments for quilts, paper crafts and more. You'll learn the basic lark's head knot and double stitch and how to create lace patterns with chains, rings and picots. Marilee shares pattern-reading skills and discusses where to find vintage patterns. She also helps you avoid or fix common mistakes. As a bonus, you'll learn a few more techniques: reverses, joins and beadwork, node stitch and floating and split rings. Use the skills you've learned to make little flowers and butterflies, floret earrings, a classic-edge bracelet, the beaded Rhapsody necklace and parfait snowflakes!


What's New

A new tatting with beads book written by me is coming soon! See the cover and pre-order on Amazon:

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Amoeba Set in tatting


Fantasy Flower in tatting


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Red Tatted Earrings, beaded tatting
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Floret earrings
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