Kara Andretta
Craftsy Instructor

Buffalo, New York

I own a small caking business, Kara's Couture Cakes, and want to learn from the best in the industry. With 3 little boys at home I don't get the chance to attend many masters classes, so I've come here to learn in what is possibly a better format, being able to work at it when I want and ask very specific-to-my-project questions. My background is in the fine arts and my heart is with delicious desserts and making the world better one cake at ... Read Full Bio »

Kara's Craftsy Classes


Industry Secrets for the Savvy Decorator

Deliver your clients an experience they'll never forget and results they'll rave about to their friends, with guidance from cake designer Kara Andretta. First, learn how to organize your workspace for a more productive decorating experience. Then, get tips for building a strong online presence at both a global and local level. Next, Kara shares cake hacks — clever solutions for your cakes — you'll wonder how you lived without, including how to build sturdy tiered confections and how to create impressive upside-down cakes! And, take your cakes from ordinary to show-stopping with Kara's wafer-paper techniques for delicate grasses, vibrant poppies and even a wallet-friendly wafer-paper bouquet. Finally, discover how to finish, box and deliver your cakes in a timely, organized fashion. Plus, find out what to keep in your emergency kit so on-the-go mishaps never trip you up!


Kara's Projects

Once Upon a Time
Brilliant Bow Christmas Cake
3D Sculpted Giraffe Cake
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