Jacqueline Butler
Craftsy Instructor

San Diego, California

Owner of Petalsweet, a successful custom wedding cake business in La Jolla, Calif., Jacqueline Butler is in high demand as a teacher of sugar artistry and cake design. Her modern and elegant signature style has won her various awards and landed her work on the cover of American Cake Decorating. Jacqueline received extensive training under Ron Ben Israel, Scott Woolley, Nicholas Lodge and other notables. She travels the world giving private ... Read Full Bio »

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Handcrafted Sugar Flowers

Learn how to make filler flowers that will set your cakes apart, and create exceptionally lifelike hydrangeas that are sure to be the talk of every party. With Jacqueline's easy instruction and highly effective techniques, you will craft magical sugar flowers for desserts, holidays or any special occasion. Bring a few basic ingredients together to make gum paste, and discover the supplies and tools that pastry professionals use. You'll learn to mold, dust, wire, paint and finish hydrangea flowers, petite flowers, buds and leaves. Once you master these techniques, you can customize and create flowers of all kinds — your imagination is the limit!

NOTE: This class contains archived instructor responses but no active instructor participation. It features student-led (rather than instructor-led) discussion only. If you have questions, one of the many experienced sugar artists in Handcrafted Sugar Flowers will surely have the answer!


$19.99 $39.99

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