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Edward Minoff has been a student of painting and sculpture for most of his life. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, he fostered an appreciation for the classical masters by copying works at the Louvre, Prado and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Currently, he serves as a core instructor at the Grand Central Academy of Art and is an adjunct professor of drawing at Columbia University. His seascapes have been shown internationally ... Read Full Bio »

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Oil Painting: Sand, Sea & Sky

Join renowned seascape painter Edward Minoff as he shares accessible oil painting techniques that can be used to paint oceans, rivers, lakes and more. Begin your class by learning how to stage and sketch a site study. Then, develop and clarify your painting’s horizon line and perspective for a three-dimensional, lifelike effect. Next, find out how to paint a color study for your seascape, and achieve dynamic results with expert color mixing methods. Finally, complete your painting with fine detail and texture that communicates a sense of power and movement with each crashing wave. After this class, you’ll confidently add seascapes to your painting repertoire! 

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Plein Air Sketch
Seascape Study: Gouache & Graphite
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