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Explore step-by-step tutorials and tricks from the pros for vegan cooking, including all sorts of the best snacks and meals from breakfasts to desserts.

10 Plant-Based Sources of Protein + How to Prepare Tasty Veggies!

Were you aware that vegetables not only contain fiber and vital nutrients for our bodies but also protein? In this post you'll learn which vegetables ...

Talk of Tomatoes: Fresh and Simple Tomato Recipes

In her book "Home Cooking," chef Laurie Colwin states that, "A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins." Make the most of the ...

Light & Easy Weeknight Meals: Smashed Pea and Ginger Potstickers

Transform your weeknight meal into something special! Bring the flavor of delicious Asian dumplings to your own kitchen with this simple yet ...

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Find inspiration for your next culinary endeavor. Enjoy vegan cooking projects from other home cooks, and share your own!