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Explore step-by-step tutorials and tricks from the pros for vegan cooking, including all sorts of the best snacks and meals from breakfasts to desserts.

Make the Most of Fresh Produce: The Best Ways to Cook Peppers

Peppers don't always need other ingredients and can easily steal the show with the proper cooking method and the right recipe. Check out my favorite ...

Meatless Monday: Simple Vegan Taco Recipe

Vegan cooking can sound intimidating but it doesn't have to be! These simple vegan tacos will show you how easy and affordable it is to make a vegan ...

Simple Solutions: How To Freeze Rice + Other Cooked Grains

Do you have a hard time getting dinner on the table during the week? I know I do! Well, today I have an easy how-to on cooking and freezing grains to ...

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Find inspiration for your next culinary endeavor. Enjoy vegan cooking projects from other home cooks, and share your own!