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Bring a variety of delicious pastries to life with step-by-step tutorials and tips from the pros.

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Make authentic cream puffs, fruit tarts and more with step-by-step guidance from the world's best instructors in the convenience of your kitchen. Get started with an online pastry making class today.

Cinnamon Rolls by Diana Leigh
Sticky Sticky Buns by Joanne Chang
Brioche Hamburger Buns by R Dale

Classic & Creative Brioche Pastries

Joanne Chang

Create an array of brioche breakfast pastries that make every morning sweet — or savory! See more

Eclairs & Cream Puffs by makeitbaker
Poached Pear Tart by Amanda Murphy
Poached Pear & Almond Cream Tart by Colette Christian

French Pastry Shop Classics

Colette Christian


French Pastry Shop Classics

Colette Christian

Dive into the sweet life with the secret techniques behind world-famous French éclairs, cream puffs, fruit tarts and more!

Pastry Making Projects

Check out the tasty pastries fellow home cooks are bringing to life with their new skills! Plus, show off your own!

Danish pastries

by Diana Leigh

Danish Pastries

by Baker Roy

Choux Pastry /

by rolandcru8103808

W W Pastry Flour

by Mslee

Puff pastry - Turnovers

by Jennifer J Ryan