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Bring flavorful food to life with online artisan cooking classes. With guidance from world-class you'll make delicious marmalade, handcrafted cheeses, homemade bark, and more, all from the comfort of your home.

7 Day Strawberry Jam by markink81
Fig Jam, Tomato Jam and Peach Marmalade by marialando
Orange Marmalade by sheila1178122

Jam & Marmalade

Rachel Saunders


Jam & Marmalade

Rachel Saunders

Rachel Saunders, proprietor of the Blue Chair Fruit Company, shows you innovative, easy techniques for making flavorful jam and marmalade.

Mozzarella Cheese by AngieSue
Basic Mozarella by Shiami
Chevre Cheese first batch by Hivetender

Artisan Cheese Making

Mary Karlin


Artisan Cheese Making

Mary Karlin

Mary Karlin, author of Artisan Cheese Making at Home, shows cooking enthusiasts how to create three flavorful handmade cheeses in your home kitchen.

Food Craft Blog Posts

Craft artisan foods like homemade graham crackers and tangy BBQ sauce with in-depth pieces from expert chefs. Plus, discover the secrets to preserving lemons, pickling, and more.

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Jeni’s Secret: The Best Recipe for Homemade Ice Cream

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License to Grill: Easy and Delicious Grilled Dessert Ideas

Cooking projects on the grill shouldn't be limited to savory mains and sides. There are an incredible number of creative desserts which can be ...

Food Craft Projects

Inspiration is served! Explore fellow members' latest home cooked meals and share your own.

7 Day Strawberry Jam

by markink81


by PepLV

Zucchini Pickles

by acwilliams