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Culinary Technique Classes

Master professional techniques from roasting and braising to grilling and more, with instruction from world-class chefs, right in your kitchen.

20 Essential Cooking Techniques

Brendan McDermott



Master 20 accessible techniques that make cooking faster, easier and more delicious.

Student Projects from this class

Ciabatta by Richard H
Pull-apart rolls by Paul Dubois
Straight Dough Baguette by umyousef

Artisan Bread Making

Peter Reinhart


Artisan Bread Making

Peter Reinhart

Instructor and author Peter Reinhart's fresh perspective on bread-making goes beyond the recipes and raises your baking skills to another level.

Fish en Papillote by Martha Holmberg
Macaroni & Cheese by Martha Holmberg
Pork Roast With Savory Crumb Coating by Martha Holmberg

A Better Cook in 10 Dishes

Martha Holmberg


A Better Cook in 10 Dishes

Martha Holmberg

Transform your cooking with 10 classic dishes! Discover time-saving techniques and go-to recipes for lasagna, chicken and even macaroni and cheese. See more

Culinary Blog Posts

Enjoy step-by-step tutorials from the experts for essential techniques, like the best way to braise meat.

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Top Tips for How to Cook a Steak Perfectly

Cooking steak can be rather intimidating. Let's remove that intimidation, so you can put steak on the dinner menu tonight. With these tips, you’ll ...

Great Gourmet Outdoors: Kicked Up Camp Food Ideas

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Culinary Technique Projects

Find inspiration for creative and flavorful meals when you explore the delicious dishes your fellow students have crafted with time-tested culinary techniques.

Tomato Sauce

by James Peterson