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From crafting perfect pie crusts to artisan bread making, learn all the techniques you need to achieve perfect baked goods every time with up-close, interactive instruction from top experts in the field!

The Wilton Method®: Baking Basics

Beth Somers


Bake the perfect cake — every time! Learn the skills to make a classic yellow cake with rich chocolate filling and scrumptious buttercream ... See more

Student Projects from this class

Torting the layers

Torting the layers

by Beth Somers

Beautiful Cake!

Beautiful Cake!

by Beth Somers

Ciabatta by Richard H
Pull-apart rolls by Paul Dubois
Walnut Babka by Paul Dubois

Artisan Bread Making

Peter Reinhart


Artisan Bread Making

Peter Reinhart

Instructor and author Peter Reinhart's fresh perspective on bread-making goes beyond the recipes and raises your baking skills to another level.

Perfecting the Pie Crust by Evan Kleiman
Perfecting the Pie Crust by Evan Kleiman
Apple pie first try by estherkni2192711

Perfecting the Pie Crust

Evan Kleiman


Light and flaky crusts, the foundation of perfect pies, are within your reach with the help of chef and pie expert Evan Kleiman.

See delicious sweet and savory baked goods made by members of the Craftsy community. And share photos of your best baked goods today so you can inspire others, too!

Harvest Watermelon Pie

by Wine Newbie

DIY Old Fashioned Cornbread Mix


1st Veggie Pizza

by tinyturtles60

Cherry lattice pie

by estherkni2192711


by EZbaker06

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