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Take a culinary tour of Asia and learn all about the exciting ingredients and cooking techniques of various Asian cuisines with guidance from world-class chefs.

Coconut-crusted peanuts by KatherineBG
Green Papaya Salad by Robert Danhi
Curry & Curry Paste by Robert Danhi

Authentic Thai Cooking: The Classics

Robert Danhi

Learn traditional techniques to bring the exotic, fiery flavors of authentic Thai food to your table!

Fried Wonton Wednesday by Andrea Nguyen
Homemade dumpling wrappers by Mslee
Pot Stickers by Mslee

Favorite Asian Dumplings from Scratch

Andrea Nguyen

Master authentic techniques to fill, shape and enjoy delicious wontons, pot stickers and more! See more

Rice Paper Rolls by apostochefs
Pork noodle bowl by Joy May
Traditional Beef Pho by Andrea Nguyen

Vietnamese Classics: Pho, Noodles & Beyond

Andrea Nguyen

Discover the flavors and techniques of Vietnamís most popular dishes and simmer your way to phenomenal pho!

Kung Pao Chicken by Grace Young
green shallots by Grace Young
Exquisite Fried Rice by Cristina Lopez

The Art of Stir-Frying

Grace Young


Learn how to wield a wok for delicious, restaurant-quality meals in minutes! See more

Asian Cooking Projects

Get inspired by the delicious Asian meals fellow Craftsy members are creating at home and share your own Asian culinary creations with the community!

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Find fun recipes, tips and tutorials for crafting Asian cuisine at home with helpful in-depth pieces from culinary experts.

Wok and Roll: How to Make the Perfect Stir-Fry

While stir-fry is a fairly simple dish, mastering just a few cooking methods can mean the difference between a dish that's passible and a dish worthy ...

Light & Easy Weeknight Meals: Smashed Pea and Ginger Potstickers

Transform your weeknight meal into something special! Bring the flavor of delicious Asian dumplings to your own kitchen with this simple yet ...

Refreshing Summer Sips: Making Thai Iced Tea

When the weather outside starts getting warmer, I love crafting new yummy drink creations. One of my favorites to make is an authentic Cha Yen ...