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Low & Slow BBQ at Home

Ray Lampe



Master the craft of real American barbecue in your backyard! Get the secrets to savory meat, flavorful rubs and succulent sauces from Dr. ... See more

Student Projects from this class

Barbecue Chicken Legs

Barbecue Chicken Legs

by josy1975

Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket

by Ray Lampe

Perfecting the Pie Crust by Evan Kleiman
Perfecting the Pie Crust by Evan Kleiman
Harvest Watermelon Pie by Wine Newbie

Perfecting the Pie Crust

Evan Kleiman


Light and flaky crusts, the foundation of perfect pies, are within your reach with the help of chef and pie expert Evan Kleiman.

How to cut up a chicken by Marge Perry
Rosemary and Garlic Roast Chicken by Marge Perry
Osso Buco Style Chicken Drumsticks by Marge Perry

Cooking Essentials: All About Chicken

Marge Perry

Get started cooking chicken! Learn the skills you need to confidently cook a variety of crave-worthy meals. See more

American Cooking Projects

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

by Elaine Truong

7 Day Strawberry Jam

by markink81

Pan Sauces

by Martha Holmberg

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

by Suzie Ridler