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Learn how to create compelling works of art, no matter what your skill level or preferred media. Craftsy's talented art instructors will help you master professional techniques for bringing breathtaking landscapes, realistic portraits, and more to life.

Drawing Facial Features

Gary Faigin



Capture the features of the human face with riveting realism! Master the technical and structural elements behind a perfectly-drawn ... See more

Student Projects from this class



by Gary Faigin

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

by Gary Faigin

Under the Palms at Daintree Rainforest by Teresa Berg
Landscape With Pen & Brush by Matt Rota
Poppies by Betty MacLeod

Mixed Media: Pen, Ink & Watercolor

Matt Rota

Create captivating, expressive artwork defined in ink and brought to life with luminous watercolors.

Uncharted Waters by Tara Spicer
Designing a Diamond Guide by Martin Wittfooth
Allegorical Painting in Progress II by Martin Wittfooth

Painting an Allegory: Concept to Canvas

Martin Wittfooth


Compose stunning allegorical paintings and bring them to life on canvas! Join Martin Wittfooth in the studio for a study in storytelling. See more

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Find the tools you need to take your art work to new heights. Explore paintbrushes, top of the line paints, pencils, and more.

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Set


Fine Art Blog Posts

Improve your next piece! From working with watercolors to conquering colored pencils, get instant access to in-depth tutorials from the experts.

Sharpen Your Skills: 4 Watercolor Pencil Techniques

Watercolor pencils look the same as regular colored pencils and can be used the same way.But, the real magic happens when water is added transforming ...

The World of Watercolor: Basic Watercolor Palette Colors

Whether you are just starting out with watercolors or you’ve been at it for a while, it is very convenient to set up a basic color palette with the ...

Color Theory In Painting: Analogous, Triadic and Complementary Colors Schemes

When selecting colors for a painting, its important you make sure the colors work well together. Knowing the basics of color theory is an excellent ...

Fine Art Pieces

Seeking inspiration? Enjoy the masterpieces created by your fellow fine art practitioners. Plus, whether your muse is live or in a photo, share your painted and drawn pieces for support from others.

Winter sunset

by bearhill22117346

Pink Lady, window

by susanwalshharper

about face

by 28martie2022635

Winter Wonderland Contest 2013

by ruthgrayi1794371

young lady

by Joanna Poulsen


by Gary Allen